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  1. 72 hours after operation. I must have abnormal recovery skills because I didnt expect to look this good just 3 days after... im still pink but nothing compared to what I thought I would be today. I did breakout as you can see but whatever. Final stages of flaking as you can also see. Im really dry without the lotion they gave me and I havent had swelling since the first day... the cosmetic lines on my forehead are literally pretty much gone. The lines around my mouth (smile lines or what
  2. You can see the flakes and the crusting.. I have a lot of little white heads but thats expected since the laser brings the "gunk" to the surface.
  3. Ill take a pic of today (2 days post op) later I have gel on my face now cause the lotion they gave me dries to fast and my mouth gets stiff. I took a shower this morning and around my nose is starting to flake and peel a little.
  4. he charges $1425 for full face... but gave me a deal if I paid $1500 now I would only have to pay $500 next time for another full face.
  5. Haha thanks... yeah my redness wasnt as bad as I expected it to be today. I took that picture before I put my gel on so im extremely dry and I hate that I cant open my mouth cause I love food. Here were more pics from before the procedure
  6. DAY 1 AFTER PROCEDURE Very dry today, no more oozing, no pain, pretty red, my forehead seems to be not as red as my cheeks and jawline.
  7. Not sure the exact settings but I think he used the max.
  8. I have had subcision with fraxel restore twice last winter... decided to take a more aggressive approach and try a new doctor and try the c02 fractional laser for my full face. He also used another laser I believe it was called broad band just before the fractional. The pain was far worse than the fraxel but it was still bearable. I refused nerve blockers cause I dont like needles near my beautiful face. Anyway its been about 2 hours... im red, some bleeding, little to no pain rig
  9. I had a consultation with Dr. Husni out of Independence, Ohio about 2.5 months ago... who does fractional co2, broad band light and skin tyte devices and he said he would do a fractional for $1200. I scheduled a new consultation with Dr. Stephen Carp in Akron, ohio.. he began to tell me all the usual blah blah then said well your scars arent too bad they can definitely be improved with our matrix fractional laser ...has his nurse get me a quote... $2400.... double the price of Dr. Husni.... i
  10. True I could ask him if fillers would be better after about 2-3 weeks post laser... dont those fillers only last 9-12 months and will run me 800?
  11. So the matrix wont help at all with those two? I have been using a 12% AHA the past month or so and it seems to be helping a little bit. I just dont want to have to get the laser for my scars then fillers for the folds and forehead thats like 3k. here are pics of the scars: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/uploads/post-37983-0-83215600-1351310252_thumb.jpg http://www.acne.org/messageboard/uploads/post-37983-0-59926500-1351310194_thumb.jpg http://www.acne.org/messageboard/uploads/post
  12. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/uploads/post-37983-0-27768800-1351310222_thumb.jpg http://www.acne.org/messageboard/uploads/post-37983-0-83215600-1351310252_thumb.jpg The forehead lines and the lines around my mouth
  13. Yeah the scarring on the left side of your face is identical to mine.. the right side is similar but mine is a little worse. I really want to see if this new doctor will do subcision and then the fractional on the same day.. I feel like that would give me great results. I was duped by my last doctor saying that fraxel restore would help me.. it did smooth out some textures on my face where I had no scarring but the scars didnt improve at all.. maybe 10%.
  14. Yeah I told her I had two prior fraxel restores last winter along with subcision This doctor doesnt perform subcision but I wish he would cause I feel like that would work Is the c02 fractional better than the fraxel restore that I received? Based on my pictures do you think it could help me? I dont wanna drop $1200-1500 for nothing... im a grad student I need my money lol
  15. I have a consultation on january 18th with Dr Steven S. Carp in Akron/Canton area. The consultation fee is $75 but it was waived because I mentioned a website (realself.com) that advertised this doctor. The lady on the phone asked what I was coming in to have looked at and I said post accutane acne scars on my cheeks and fine lines around my mouth and forehead. I have already had two fraxel repairs with subcision done with a different doctor with minimal results. The lady right away s