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  1. hi, im looking to get a punch graft but on my nose. how did yours turn out? were you left with any scars from the stitches, and what kind of stitches were used? thankyou! My cosmetic dermatologist informed me that it is not possible to have punch grafting on the nose (because I thought I wanted it done on myself). She told me this is because the nose heals differently than the rest of the skin on the face. ah that really sucks, did they say what other options are there? ive seen so many
  2. hi, im looking to get a punch graft but on my nose. how did yours turn out? were you left with any scars from the stitches, and what kind of stitches were used? thankyou!
  3. The scar itself has flattened and the normal skin surrounding the scar tissue has lightened considerably. the scar tissue itself is still dark (predictably) but i always have sunscreen on everyday so it hasnt got darker than before. currently i put vitamin c and licorice on it, and use scaraway every other day (have been using it less because i want my skin to breathe a bit more). i dont normally have blackheads but because my current regime focuses more on correcting than cleansing ive got a fe
  4. yes some acne definitely isn't food related it could just be due to hormonal fluctuations but these can be aided with food to help balance them out, although i entirely agree with what you're saying. as for junk food, it doesnt cause acne at all.
  5. What kind of licorice do you recommend? Is it some kind of a liquid, do you have to dilute it with water, which licorice product exactly, etc.? Just give me all the details on what to get and how to use it. well i drink licorice tea one week before during and after my period, here're an examples of ones you can buy (but dont get it online get it at a supermarket): [Edited link out] i also bought some licorice pellets, eat 2/3 of them sometimes when i've run out of the tea: [Ed
  6. scar has definitely flattened but because it's scar tissue its still bothering me a lot as the texture of it makes it hard to appy makeup to it and the dark colour is hard to cover up. anyone got any tips?
  7. honestly i dont think 8 hours a day is enough 12 hours is definitely the minimum, especially because yours sounds big for a scar it probably needs more time? also its fine on sensitive skin
  8. scaraway sheets work wonders. when ive had white stuff trapped under scars a steralise a pin and gently pierce it and squeeze it out and then wash it and put diluted tea tree oil on it.
  9. i agree, ive been cutting down on diary but i find it so hard because i live in an indian household so a lot of our food and cooking can involve diary. i genuinely miss drinking milk but i drink rice milk instead and let myself have milk in my tea and on my pizza etc.
  10. hi, on the first day i wore it for 23 hours, on the second around 12 hours (because i had guests over i had to keep it off) because im in college i can only wear in when i get home so on week days around 12/13 hours. i guess you should try to keep it on for as long as possible during the weekends for it to be beneficial dont wear it for more than 23 hours though, thats the maximum stated amount if your scar is VERY raised it will take longer to flatten it. mine was only slightly raised but it
  11. my breakthrough PEOPLE SAY DIET IS UNRELATED TO ACNE. ITS NOT FRIGGIN TRUE!!!!!! -DAIRY can cause acne due to added hormones -TOO MUCH CAFFEINATED DRINKS causes increased sebaceous gland activity, more sebum, more comedonal and pustule acne! -Delayed food allergies are among the most common causes of acne. Foods like gluten, dairy, yeast, and eggs can be problems if you have a leaky gut. list goes ON. seriously. firstly i want to encourage everyone to please carefully evaluate their
  12. scars already flattening! i couldnt even put makeup on it without it being more noticable but wow, already a significant improvement! skin on the scar was dry though so some skin came off. ill gently exfoliate and let it be for 6 hours before continuing with the scaraway sheets since it says not to put it on open wounds (mine isnt open, but just in case) it softened it really well, and i think if people are also putting makeup on their scars this will be an added benefit! ill take pictures in
  13. Okay so its been on for 9 and a half hours (i put it on a bit late at 2am at night, will be putting it on at 9 everyday from now on) it says it needs to be on for a minimum of 12 hours a day. MINIMUM. so putting it on for ONLY 12 hours wont help much. also make sur you wash it EVER DAY. washing it helps maintain the silicones moisture (as it says on the packet) also before putting it on if you want to moisturise do it atleast 15 minutes before application because the greasiness of creams can ma
  14. Well I just got my ScarAway sheets today and cut one up and stuck it on straight away. As each week goes by Ill give updates. I wanted to post this because I have yet to see a proper review of it by an asian, and this is important for any dark skinned people using it as it affects different skin tones differently, and may affect the overall result. The scar is half an inch, very dark brown and slightly raised on my nose. It is VERY noticable. There is a deep closed comedone underneath it tha