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  1. I started using this two weeks back along with benzoyl peroxide. Mine comes in lotion form and I did not have an initial breakout from this. So far I like it. It won't dry out your face excessively and irritate it either hopefully cos it didn't do that to me.
  2. omg I know what you mean. I've called dates off just because of breakouts when I was dying to see him!!!! I was supposed to see him today after 3 months and surprisingly my skin is clear right now. I was soo excited!!! We had to postpone it though because of something that came up I am going to meet him this coming wednesday now and I am petrified of getting a breakout. I started tetracycline benzoyl peroxide and clindamycin a week back so there's a good chance I might get an initial break
  3. umm can't you become a face model...i mean for catalogs for cosmetics..like avon if that makes sense.
  4. You forgot to add stress. For me, it was definately stress. I started to breakout after I joined college. I had perfectly flawless skin through my teenage stress free years.
  5. I am using clindamycin as well. It's in lotion form. It's day seven and my face has actually seemed to get better. I'm not sure if I will get an initial breakout in the second week but so far it has definately gotten better. The other day I felt two cysts coming. I dabbed a thick paste of clinda on my face and left it overnight and they were gone by morning. My condolences on your mom's death. Just pray for her. And I hope you're feeling better.
  6. I always do it in the palm hand but I only spot treat with it so I only use one asprin. If you're going to make a mask out of it you might need to use a cup or plate because you'll be using more asprin. Just take about six asprin. You will literally need only a drop or two on each asprin. I put droplets of water on the asprin tablet with my finger. Let it sit there for five seconds. After the droplet of water dissapears, you press the asprin with your finger and it will be crushed into tiny gr
  7. sorry for being rude earlier. i'm sorry about your mom. hope you're feeling better...
  8. HAHA! im guessing it was just an insect bite! Yes an insect probably played a prank on you. It did that to me once too. They get a kick out of fooling us into thinking it's a pimple
  9. Hi all! I was prescribed oral tetracycline with benzoyl peroxide and clindamycin topical solutions. My derm said the effects of tetracycline will be temporary so he will try to ween me off it after a few months and see if I stay clear without it. I was wondering that if the benzoyl and clindamycin do suit me, would their effects be temporary as well? Can you get immune to them at some point? If yes, how long does it usually take to get immune to them? And, can I expect good results by just usin
  10. put a thick paste of baking soda and water on them for an hour. it it doesn't take the swelling down put a little bit of thick paste of crushed asprin mixed with a few drops of water. also try benzoyl peroxide if you have any. crushed garlic for five minutes. no longer or it will burnnnn. this is how I nuke my pimples in emergency situations. try everything I can think of :/ just don't burn your skin with all the stuff okay. if you feel like it's burning, stop.
  11. I used to get them on a small patch on my skin. Do a baking soda mask (just where you get them, not your whole face). Mix baking soda with water to make a thick paste. Let it sit there for ten minutes and then wash. If you do this everyday, you won't get them again and the ones that you already have will come out too.
  12. For me it's blackheads, because they are the only ones that scar for me sometimes. The scar is really small but it recently gave me one on my nose because I was messing with it. And, I'm really paranoid because of that. They don't come out unless you mess with them, the whiteheads for me go on their own in a few days EDIT: It's probably not a scar, just enlarged pores like the last person stated.
  13. Thats true! Because my acne is mild even though I get the cystic kind. I just dont get more than two or three cysts at the most on my face at a time. I never ever thought my derm would talk about Accutane. I was soooo happy to hear him say that we will try a few things first and if they don't work out we will go to Accutane as a last resort. I know atleast he would consider it. Talk to your derm and see what he will say. Be sure to tell him how much it's affecting your life (if it is).