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  1. I completely agree with you! Our skin is the biggest indicator of what is going On inside the body. Ive also read a lot about those on accutanw continuing to get break outs until they went off of it. Maybe the new inflamed acne is still your body clearing out some of the deeper debris. However, as I said I do agree, if we are putting foods in our body like refined sugars or other foods we are allergic to like diary, gluten etc we are still affecting our bodies- accurate can't solve that. Best to
  2. An after thought, I hope you don't mind me posting this but since this is a place we can all feel comfortable and open to help each other-- you should probably see the family doctor too. There is a chance you could have hemrrhoids, which could be a non serious explaination for the blood. My younger brother had internal hemrrhoids and was getting blood in his stool and didn't know because he couldn't see them. If there's nothing visible I'd call the derm office still but also get in with your doc
  3. Hey! Glad to read your post. Something that caught my attention and is worth noting is the blood in stool. As you have noted, I too have read a lot about the experience with accutane through individual blogs, you tube videos and this site and I think it's important to mention I have not come across this. I don't think is something you should ignore. You should contact you derm office right away and explain what you are experiencing, how it's decreasing over time. It's my unprossional opinion
  4. Sounds like things are looking positive on your journey! Love reading your updates. I'm on 37 days 40 mg, go up to 50 mg at 60 days. My break out seem to come and go. Initially my skin cleared right up and I was just left with closed comodones on my cheeks and scaring around the sides of my mouth. I also noticed between weeks 2-3 my black heads were really noticeable on my nose and I had all these black speckles in places I never had blackheads before but all my black heads fell out & ar
  5. is they like tiny little bumps ?? mine feel pretty big like "O" size and its under the skin!! i think theyre cysts just not surfacing yet Yeah, they are probably about the size of that O actually! I have been experiencing cystic acne with a worsening degree as time progressed for about 6 months before I started accurate but had never had it before. They are very deep and sore/ painful. These bumps under the skin started a couple months before I started accutane all over my cheeks & chin are
  6. Hi Lilypad! I'm using cetaphil gentle face wash, after I use a warm baby wash cloth to remove any dry skin I splash with cold water than use Thayers witch hazel toner with lavender and aloe ( I will never stop using this product! ) and finish with cetaphil daily moisturizer with SPF 15 I do the same thing at night but was 2x bc I need to get the make up off I also use jane iredale bb cream with SPF 25 and compressed mineral powder with SPF 25 Probably more info, but I'm really happy with
  7. Thanks Lily89! Hang in there, I think initial break out is a good thing, it means things are clearing out, which is great!!! I know it's hard taking such harsh meds and if like me you saw an initial improvement before your breakout it's frustrating! Hang in there!! Rachelll1995 - mine are visible but not red, You can see them in natural lighting and makeup seems to excentuate them. Guess they are called closed comodones and I'm keeping my fingers crossed they will rupture and come out of the d
  8. Hi guys!! I've started my second month of Accutane and have noticed over all clearing. In the months prior to starting Accutane I noticed I was getting all these small skin coloured bumps on my cheeks and around my mouth/ chin area. I think since my skin has improved these bumps appear to look worse. I'm just wondering if anyone knows if accutane will clear these up? Thanks!!!
  9. I would definitely say no to trying accutane at this point. I know acne is frustrating and can have negative affects on your self esteem but having mild- moderate acne for a year shouldn't be a precursor for accurate. For starters and maybe most importantly for a young man like yourself - studies have found it affects bone density and can cause premature epiphyseal (growth plate) closure-- meaning you may not reach your full expected height, not to mention the many other long term negative side
  10. Hey! Considering accutane is a serious decision. If you don't mind me asking - how old you are? How long you've had acne? And what else have you tried? Are you scarring?
  11. Why do people needle their scars? Thanks
  12. When my skin is dry and flaky I use warm baby wash cloth and hold it over my face and once the skin is warmed up I gently remove the dryness, rinse with cold water and immediately use an alcohol free toner and moisturizer - but you would follow regime steps! I'm currently taken accutane!
  13. I have the small bumps too that look like white heads waiting under the skin. I won't touch them because anytime I have I take skin off trying and they look worse! Yikes! Although my skin had cleared significantly those bumps are persistent. I'm just passed one month on 40 and no initial break out yet, I'm wondering if they will clear with the big breakout when it happens. I plan to have laser resurfacing done once I'm cleared for treatment post meds. On my 3rd month I go up to 50 which is my go
  14. I have just started my second month and the dryness has been minimal so far but I've been diligent with my routine. In the am I wash my face with warm water and use cetaphil face wash. I use a baby wash cloth with warm water and gently swipe some of the mildly dry spots. I then follow by splashing my face with cold water and pat dry. I follow with Thayers witch hazel with lavander & aloe vera on a cotton pad and wipe my face all over. It's a natural alcohol free toner, it moisturizes, soot
  15. Hi everyone, I'm very new to this site so I'm not sure what part of this thread my post will end up responding to, so if it doesn't make sense with what you've posted just ignore that. I just wanted to share some info on what's been mentioned here-- surrounding issues of diet and going on accutane- incase it's helpful for anyone. However, I'm not a professional! First off, I have battled with acne for years on & off, but not as severe as some. The real bad breakouts started when I began