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  1. Been here about 10 years. Firstly wanna say well done to everyone who's been brave and fought this. There's been days where I've cried. People tell me I'm a good looking guy but never felt it. And for the first time in about 15 or more years I can see the light. Still not cleared but through trial and error I'm learning what works. I never used to love me but slowly getting the old me back. I've been humbled by everyone on this site. I respect u all and keep going. My faith kept me going at my l
  2. I have been battling acnew around 16 years of age. Currently 34. On and off accutane but never brave enough to see cure through. Been mashed up completely got the scars to prove it. Still working on that side of my life. Was contemplating a low dose accutane route when I came across an extrodinary post. Now they recomended somethi g really interesting. Taking a cod live oil capsule 2 times daily with a vit e supplement. This works in synergy with one another. I have only been taking the clo but
  3. I have suffered with this disease for 14 years now, and feel totally powerless. I have no more fight left in me. Started accutane twice but stopped twice after 2 weeks because i was fearful of the side effects. I have never really had much other treatments throughout the years. I also have these 5 bumps on my nose whice refuses to go away after 10 years, because my dad squezeed them. And to top everything, I am going through too much in my family with no one to turn to. Despite all of this I ha