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  1. I've been doing great this week. I went to a wedding reception Friday night and my skin looked almost flawless with makeup (and dim lighting hehe) and I wanted to touch it all night because it felt smooth haha. But I resisted because I knew that would probably make matters worse. I decided to nix that Burts Bees cream and use it only on extremely dry spots...it was way too thick. I took Dan's advice and went for the Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture (SPF 15) and wooo! I love it! I credit it w
  2. Ugh. I thought we were in the 21st century?
  3. I chose the 'little body and no acne' just because I don't like 'buff guys' and the acne doesn't matter all that much but I guess no acne is better than acne....because well....I hate my own acne. I think a 'little guy' with acne would be just fine as well I kind of think most guys must be working out a lot because they want to look good for other guys. Not that they are necessarily gay....but they want to have smaller guys envy them or somehow be intimidated by them. Just a thought... I w
  4. hi I'm also 27 and have no children. As far as genetics...I don't understand how it works. Neither one of my parents had acne and my sister and I were hit with it pretty bad and are still dealing with it in our own ways. Maybe it skips a generation? I've tried just about every moisturizer out there and I've fallen in love with Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture (SPF 15). I strongly recommend it. Dan suggests it for the regimen too. I don't see much sunlight but so far I credit that for look
  5. Well....I've been on my regimen (Dan's but tweaked) for almost a month and a half now. Progress is slow but sure. I've stopped having horrible breakouts that seem to happen overnight. My cheeks are healing up. Right now I've just got a slightly dried-up sucker right smack-dab in the middle of my left cheek...on the opposite side and place of the one that just went away on my right cheek...looks kind of funny. It hurts and feels almost like a bruise...also has a purplish red tint to it...kin
  6. I've always had a problem with picking both active pimples and old dried up ones/scabs. It was my new years resolution this year NOT to pick...but that didn't last long....it's so irresistable for some reason Now I find that instead of picking a pimple...I just poke it with a needle (sterilized) because I read about it on acne.org. That way it stops bothering me....and empties out...without leaving all the damage picking can do. As far as dry skin or scabs...I don't start picking until I s
  7. Yes! My cheeks are covered in red marks...especially the right one. They are (VERY) slowly fading with the BP, but it seems to be taking forever...I'm hoping summer might lighten them up a bit. I've got much lighter ones on my chin as well, but they seem to disappear faster than the cheeks....those suckers just don't budge!
  8. That's a very good question. I have no idea what I was using (or not using) or doing (or not doing) that worked. I've tried so many different random things through the years...I wish I would have kept a log all this time. I guess I have to just stick to the regimen to see if it can get me clear again...
  9. *A good sense of humor *Loves animals *Is politically active *Has good taste in music *Likes me for who I am
  10. Maybe I'm crazy, but as much as I hate acne, I think I'd rather deal with pimples, than slathering my own piss on my face when I wake up in the morning. Also I think I'd rather kiss a mug full of zits, than one covered in dry urine....just a thought...
  11. Thank you so much!!! It really makes me feel like I'm not alone...as corny as that sounds hehe.
  12. I think it helps if the other person has had acne themselves before or still battles with it. People who have always had clear skin just don't seem to understand how hard it is to get rid of. I think they seriously think we don't wash our faces if we have acne, or we're just too lazy to do anything about it. I am a woman living with adult acne...and my boyfriend is younger than me and has pretty mild acne himself. I have dated guys with clear skin, mild acne, body acne....none of it has real
  13. I don't know how well I'm going to keep this up, but I thought I'd give keeping a log a shot. Background info: I've had mild acne for about 15 years. In middle school it was just a couple of blackheads and the occasional pimple, but slowly those pimples multiplied though high school. Looking back, my skin still looked much better then, than it does now. My skin slowly cleared up and I thought acne was behind me when I reached my early and mid-20's. About a year ago....when I was 26, my ski
  14. I had tiny little pimples and blackheads at about age 14 or 15, but didn't get my first real 'zit' until I was around 18 or so. My full-on acne didn't really become a problem until age 26, almost 27. My skin had been clear for about 5 years...completely clear...then...out of nowhere...pow! It's horrible.
  15. I'm 27 but look much younger....so the acne makes me look like a high-school kid, which you would think might be nice...but no...it's really annoying! hehe Getting carded is even worse because I used to have clear skin and my ID looks nothing like me anymore