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  1. Hey I had the same problem a few breakouts not too bad was prescribed differin and hell broke loose on my face. My skin has never ever been as bad and 6 months later my skin hasnt still fully recovered. Honestly if you feel is isnt working or your having a bad reaction I would stop using it.I used it for 10 weeks and all I was left with was 10x worse acne than I had before.
  2. Im so interested in buying a few of these let me know how you go with yours!
  3. Ive heard its very dewy so not so good for people with oily skin and also that it causes breakouts. I wont be trying.
  4. I have just stopped BP and Im now Im worried after reading this. Has your acne become worse than before you started BP? All the best.
  5. Thank you for your replies. I was only using BP at night and a very little amount less than a pea size so Im hoping the transition isnt going to be too bad. I havent noticed a significant worsening yet just remained the same more or less as when I was using it. I only developed mild acne last year and previous to this I was on no treatment and had more or less clear skin but a period of significant stress has caused it. Im a lot less stressed now and thats why Im hoping it will be ok to come
  6. Ive been using BP since April this year and whilst to begin with it was very effective I have noticed it has become less and less effective to the point where I dont think its actually doing anything. It also made my skin so dry which in turn made me super oily. At the moment Im using a salicylic acid and focussing on re balancing my skin because before the BP I used to have combo/normal skin. I dont really know what else to look into I am a bit stuck for options. Im thinking of looking
  7. Ah okay! Yeah I use the Paulas Choice 2% gel and I really love it. Smoothes out my skin and really helps with any congestion like blackheads or whiteheads and makes them a lot easier to extract and stop from re-forming. I havent heard of stridex myself I dont think they sell it in the UK is it an American brand? And no worries we're all happy to help here!
  8. Hey I use a BHA twice a day and they are great I would highly recommend. Maybe if you let us know which country you are from we could make some suggestions?
  9. Thanks for your replies, Turn0ver what are the products you have found most effective from the line as I have been looking at others too? Okay I will have a read again thanks for your quick replies!
  10. I have been looking at the La Roche-Posay Foaming Gel Cleanser for oily skin as I am looking for a new cleanser so if anyone has used it could you let me know how it went? Thanks
  11. Oh I didnt realise you were from the UK as well. Yeah it is pretty expensive I guess and I only have acne on my forehead and chin so it would be fine for me I feel. How have you been getting on with yours? I hope they work out for you. I really want to get off topicals as Im currently using BP and my skin is becoming pretty sensitive. Im hoping this is going to be a good alternative.
  12. Hey so sorry to see you are struggling like this with your daughters skin, I have been looking at blue LED light and I was going to suggest it to you as you are limited to what you can use on your daughters skin. The blue light targets the acne bacteria and oxygenates it therefore killing the bacteria and stopping the formation of acne well that is what is supposed to happen. Have a quick look through this webpage where you can get a better picture [Edited link out] Its also great for
  13. I have been looking at getting one just how do you know that the blue light is the appropriate strength? I live in the UK and this is the one I am thinking of getting: http://www.boots.com/en/Lustre-Pure-Light-Acne-treatment-system-Exclusive-to-Boots_1461310/ It says that it is 415nm but doesnt say the voltage I dont think.
  14. Hi so I am thinking of investing in a blue led light machine. I am currently using a BHA and very sparing amounts of BP and whilst my skin is greatly improved I am still not 100% clear. I have heard good things about blue light therapy and I have seen a machine I am thinking of purchasing, it would be greatly helpful if anyone could let me know their experiences using one? Thanks.
  15. Wow I cant believe how many of you experienced this too, just when my skin was doing okay as well . I have looked and the matte version of the bareminerals doesnt have that chemical in it, would I be okay to use that? Or just stay away from bareminerals altogether?