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  1. thank you all for the replies! I guess I should go then... It will be nerve wrecking to say the least, but really what do I have to lose, right? I will update you guys what happened right after it's done (:
  2. So me and this girl have been talking for perhaps 2 months now, and we have set a date (this upcoming saturday) to finally meet face to face. Im terrified. Obviously she has seen pictures of me and I've talked to her on skype with a shitty webcam which makes my skin look clear. I also told her that I have acne and she said that it doesn't bother her, but I dont think she understands how bad it actually is... Btw I'm 17 and she's 16. We live about an hour away from each other but she decided to
  3. As you see Ive got this giant-ass collaboration of pimples right on my left cheek. Its absolutely horrendous, I know I seriously dont know how to deal with it. It keeps popping up like several whiteheads on it all the time and they are all extremely painful. When I try to pop one of them (I know I shouldn't pop my pimples but my skin is already so fckd up I dont even care anymore) I simply cant because then the other 10 around/in it starts hurting so much. Fuck my fucking life I'm so tired of
  4. Can't really help you... the only thing I can say is that you're not alone. What you just explained is pretty much ny life as well. I'm a 17 year old guy who does everything when it comes to skin care by the book. I dont overwash, pick on them too much, eat unhealthy etc etc. Still; no result. We are in this god forsaken boat together, and none of us should or will give in. Things will get better.
  5. How bad is my acne? Also take into consideration that my skins is very unflat as well (can be hard to see on the image). So, yeah, how bad is it..?
  6. ive had like that all over my face. yours is really not that bad
  7. Dude, let me just tell you I know exactly how you feel. Im in my senior year right now and its hell. I mean people are nice enough to not say I look like shit right to my face, but I sure as hell know thats what theyre talking about when Im not around (or perhaps im just paranoid(result of fucking acne)). I too remember life before this shit and hell, that was some good times... I use to never be single, when one relationship ended I just moved on to another girl. I loved being out playing socce