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    Running,Basketball,Nutrition,Working-out,Shoes,and of course the .org
  1. where are you? Have your students taken you hostage? HAHA...talk soon I hope, but I did lose your #.

  2. long time no hear. How are you?

  3. You never came to see me :(

  4. I am gonna make a cross out of kryptonite that way I can keep Dracula and Superman away!
  5. I think he called you faggot cuz you were in the skin care isle.I am not saying he is right or you are just that is probably why.Just let it roll of your back you will never see him again so "forget about it". I am sure he gets called Fatass when he is on the Twinkie isle so he was just passing off his sadness onto you...That is the way man works.(It sux I know)
  6. I can juggle like a tweeked out clown! I got sick BeatBoxing skills
  7. You still with (my ex)? cuz then I have to explain why I am not. Can I crash at your pad? I hate when my drunk friends want to party at my house cuz I dont party anymore. Do you want a beer? cuz then I have to tell them I dont drink anymore and get peer pressured the rest of the night to have a drink.