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  1. Aw I don't think anyone's ever said my skin looks good before! Lol This stuff is really smooth & almost silicone like. I added a pic after I put face powder on. I read some reviews where girls used it after makeup like you're saying & they said it worked just as well.
  2. Okay so this isn't really a miracle for me, but it does help blur out some of my huge pores and in certain lighting my skin looks kinda normal! It may work a lot better for you guys, especially if you have less/smaller pores then me. It also helps with fine lines. The lighting IS different in these pics though. The before was taken at a different time of day with the light coming more from behind, so the texture shows more. The second pic I just took this morning in front of a window. Stil
  3. I have an appt with a Derm next week, I'll ask them about it. I think I'd trust a Doctor with it, but probably not a beautician. From the picture, would you say they're enlarged pores or scarred pores? Thanks for your help.
  4. lol, oops I guess it didn't upload correctly from my phone. Eek it's even worse on the computer screen. I've tried pretty much every acne medication out there. I'm kinda accepting of my skin how it is now, but if there was a way to shrink my pores/scars safely I'd try it. I may look into peels/lasers/botox but it's expensive and I don't want to make it worse.
  5. Hey guys, I've had moderate acne since about 15. The past few years it's settled down (I'm 31 so about time) but my skin texture is horrible. It's hard to leave the house some days but I do it because I refuse to let bad skin rule my life. My pores are clear for the most part, but they're big. It's not only one area either, they're huge everywhere & I feel kinda like a freak. I'm not sure if they're scarred pores or just large ones. I've been reading about intradermal Botox to shrink pores