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  1. Does it work? The only bar soap that's in my house right now is Irish Spring bar soap but I don't know whether and when to use it? Would this bar soap irritate my face?
  2. I just came from playing football with my friends and I see patches of red skin on my face like above my lip and on my cheeks. They feel really itchy and under my chin it kinda feels like I have sand but what the hell?
  3. I use dove liquid soap to wash my face and it says that is has "all day moisturizing emollients" whatever that means. Anyways sometimes when im sleeping or when im outside parts like my forehead and several parts of my cheeks feel like they are burning. There would be times when Im outside playing football with my friends(don't worry we don't play dirty) and when I come home and look in the mirror there would be red spots or red areas on my cheeks and they kinda look irritated kinda. Does anyone
  4. Well if you do how is it like. Is it better than using bar soap or is it worse?