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  1. Thanks dude.. Its getting drier now..flakey around my nose and mouth. Been using sweet almond oil at morning for dryness. But it aint moisturizing. BEST OF LUCK..glad u r seeing good improvements...
  2. I got tiny lil skin colored bumps on my nose under my eyes ( which makes me look like an old lady and rough skin ) i got whiteheads on my chin covered with that tiny stubborn thingy.. and differin aint doing anything to them. I mean its same as it was like when i started using differin actually i feel its spreading.. i got dry and itchy skin newr my nose n under my eye..and after applying differin at night n waking up at morning my face is oily. Well lets see will update ya after i see atleast
  3. 72nd day.. Got bumps on my forhead this morning. New pimples near my mouth n on chin. Is this normal to breakout even at this stage? :/ confused..should i even continue differin or just try something else..:/ but gonna stick to 12 weeks..
  4. 72nd day of differin..no improvement. Just more n more acne..:/ got tiny bumps on my forhead this morning..it should have started working but it aint..but as i have come so far i will just stick for 12 weeks..:/
  5. On 11th week still having breakouts on cheeks and near mouth...but still hoping atleast it will clear till week 12..first suffered from dry skin with rashes..n now oily skin with IB...:/ hoping for best..
  6. Yup beacuse of scratching at night while am asleep, n then next morning i find this wounds in my face..it wasnt like this in the begining but now its getting itchier, drier. What should i do.? :/ i am applying moisturizer 15 mints later differin gel. N evn moisturizer stings when i apply it..:/ is this normal?
  7. @slinky vintage Are you getting wounds or scratches because of dfferin? I got new yestersday near my mouth, it stings even if i wash my face.. Is this normal?
  8. Does differin works with tiny tiny whiteheads on nose and chin? I feel like my whiteheads in my chin spreading.. its disgusting to look my face in bright light..
  9. I too apply moisturizer 15mins later differin but my doc asked me to wash my face n immediately apply moisturizer and then differin after that. But i googled about that applying it as soon as u wash your face can make itch worse so i didnt take derms advice but i started getting itch on my neck from 2-3 days n now its a rash. I just want to scratch my neck off. Seriously i ve been scratching like crazy monkey. Before back of my neck even though i dont apply differin or any thing there and now f
  10. Skin colored bumps after exfoilating with baking soda got on my cleavage. It really looks awful On 7th week (50th day) of differin 0.1% gel. Aint doing anything yet hope to see some good results soon. Well i got wounds coz of scratching in my face n neck. It dries the skin so much i feel like i am a granny..
  11. Has differin have caused wounds in any of u guys? Please share your acne or differin story
  12. So i have started differin 0.1% gel from january 19th its been 7 weeks i guess. My skin is not getting better in any way. I have large pore n acne and black heads on ma upper cheeks and white heads on my nose n chin. Full of white heads..tiny tiny full..its disgusting. Differin from 7 weeks has done nothing good to whiteheads either as its said whiteheads are the mildest form of acne and are easy to treat. But my aint going. And i have got rashes on my neck, back of ears. I have got wounds on my
  13. Depressed..starting 2014 it had been worst so far...new acne, new scars, dry face, chest full of bumps. Going to derm tomorrow as scratching my neck off like crazy monkey. I wish i could just peel my skin off.
  14. Baking soda can cause this? Bumps all over my chest now. :/ And i am having itch all over my face, neck, back...i even got rashes near my neck and i have severe itch back of ears. Is this beacuse of DIFFERIN??? I am just using differin on face and neck. I was using acnederm(azelaic acid 20%) on neck, shoulder, back..but then i got severe rash on my chest area which caused more acne and redness and scarring. I have not been using it from a week as my derm said. My skin these areas has become