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  1. I'm going camping this weekend (with no showers or running water to wash my face) and I have been desperatly trying to clear my skin. It was about 90% clear, and I get a breakout today, the day before I'm leaving!!!! I swear skin is just out to spite us Just needed to rant...
  2. Would it be okay to use an ACV toner, and then follow up with the Alpha Hydrox AHA enhanced lotion? Kinda seems like too much at once on the skin, but it seems like too little to only do one at a time. Any thoughts?
  3. Well, I guess I could just do only cleansing, ACV and moisturizer in the morning, and then replace the ACV with the AHA lotion at night...I just get nervous not using anything to fight the acne in the morning I guess I'll give it a try...can't hurt right
  4. Hi Everybody, My skin is combo...can be oily, can be dry, and acne prone. My acne has cleared up some since I first started coming to this board, but not to the point I will be happy with. Right now, I was with cetaphil mixed with a little jojoba, then use AHA's glycolic lotion, and moisturize with a light moisturizer. I am thinking of adding the ACV toner to my regimine, and also switching to DHC's deep cleansing oil instead of the cetaphil. So it would be : 1. Cleanse with DHC deep cleansing
  5. Sleep is very important for healing bad skin. I'm pretty tired now...I'm at work, but I'll take a nap and tell you how it affects my acne
  6. hey jill, i used vitamin e oil occasionally. It really helps with fading red marks, and moisturizes my face without adding harsh chemicals. But I did notice if I apply too much, I get little whiteheads, and my face will be really greasy all day. But with the right amount, it works pretty good.
  7. Trust issues? Dude, seriously, enough. She has every right to be skeptical..ur not a derm. Let's stick to talking about the product, enough with this personal attack stuff. Moving on..
  8. Who trash talked the product? You trash talked me, but I didn't say that the product won't work for anyone. I said it wouldnt work for me in particular. I said it probably does work for others, just not me. So anywhooo! Enough with this
  9. lol, exactly. Thank you, I couldn't have put it better myself.
  10. lol, nloo, chill out. People are asking "does this work? Has it worked for everyone?" and my answer is..."No.". But next time, I'll hold my tounge and just not answer...You're right royalredus, I forgot I'm not allowed to comment if a product doesn't work! Lol Oh, and you should read my posts, because everytime, I always say something about how I'm glad that it's working for other people, and that not everything works for everyone, and good luck to everyone else. You need to learn that not every
  11. faerie, certain dri clogs pores in armpits in order to stop sweat, so yes it will clog the pores in your face if applied to it. It doesn't "fight odor" like it's been said in this forum, it doesn't extract blackheads, it simply clogs the pores. I'm glad for the people that have been having sucess with it, but for me it didn't work. I had a major breakout while using it. I guess purposly clogging my pores doesn't help clear my pores
  12. Hi Landed, I have the same problem. Most would say my acne is "mild" with a few pimples here and there..but to me, my face is a battlefield. I used to think I was very pretty, but once I started breaking out, I can't even look in the mirror without feeling depressed. I think I have actually made my acne worse. If I take pictures of myself, I feel disgusted, and won't leave the house for hours..or days. I feel so disgusted with myself that sometimes I don't even let people see me. I'm so anxious
  13. No, I've been using the same moisturizer for awhile, and it's never broken me out. It is the certain dri. I know what is affecting my face, as the only thing I changed from my regimen was taking out 1 product, and adding the certain dri. My skin was MUCH better off before I did this. It's not impossible for certain dri to not work for someone else just because it's worked for a few people. It is the certain dri breaking me out. Not my moisturizer, not how I'm washing my face, not how I'm applyin
  14. Nope, I was doing it correctly. Not too hard to apply. Wash, wait 15 mins, apply 1 or 2 strokes to all areas, wait 20 mins, apply moisturizer. My acne is very mild, I started with about 1 or 2 pimples every day, and this made it go to about 5-8 pimples every day. Not every product will work for every person. I'm glad it was a miracle product for you, but it's not just working for me.
  15. Glad to hear you have results nloo, but I am quitting using certain dri. It is not a miracle cure for everyone, and it has made my skin even worse X's 10. Good luck with your results everybody.