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  1. a multi-vitamin is a good start. I take vitamins with every meal, 2 multi vitamins and one meal with the supplements as I call them (the individual vitamins A, B, C, E, Saw Palmetto and Zinc). I usually take the supplements with the meal with the most fat in it as Vitamin A is fat soluble so its best to take it after a meal with fat.
  2. Before trying what's working for me please be aware that everyone has different skin and therefore different things will work for different people. T The main key to getting rid of acne is vitamins. Everyone should supplement their diet with Vit A, B, C, E and Zinc. It is the thing that keeps my acne under control, stay on it even when you are clear (the mistake I made). You may go through a purging period (I did) but you really need to stay on this. Every regimen will entail some degree of pu
  3. I tried A.V., hydroquinone, delna's reg, Jess's reg both of which broke me out where I never get pimples so I stopped. The thing that I use and has worked well is Vitamins and time (I know we all hate this one). Marks that I had from January of last year faded by December but I got a breakout within the next week that left no ones in similar areas (I only get them on my right cheek weird right) and which I am treating now. There really is no quick fix with this the best thing to do wait it out b
  4. Hi board, I'm a long time reader that just started posting. I have pretty mild acne but my problem for the most part has been red marks on my right cheek that take so long to heal. Basicly my regimen consists of 3 things. 1) Vitamins 2) Cleansing once a day with CnC oil free cleanser 3) AHA Soufle with 12 percent glycolic acid and once in awhile spot treating small areas with clearasil ultra bp. I take vitamins with every meal, every morning a regular equate multi-vitamin and another multi-vitam
  5. I feel drawn to this board more so than any other on the site. I have mild acne which devolped at a rather late age (19 or so) so I'm not really used to these acne problems. Anyway, when I was clear, I had a friend who had pretty bad acne and he made a point that he doesn't think people notice acne and that its not a big deal and I thought about it and totally agreed with him. I never focused on his skin problems it was something that was in the backround. I should let you know that most of my p
  6. I recently got my first cyst on my face, it has since shrunken in size to the point where it is a small looking regular pimple however it has not been making any progress as of late. Question I have is should I "wait it out" (will it ever get better) or make an appointment with derm.
  7. After reading Jess's post on exfoliating and using neo, I tried it and broke out which caused me to stop it. I've been using the Alpa Hydrox Souffle which has been working decently and I was wondering if using neo after exfoliating with AHA would do the same thing?
  8. ive been using it for about 6 days. Results have not been fantastic but it is working nicely. give it a try.
  9. I never had a real problem drinking and breaking out. I pretty much stick to flavored vodka and cranberry and I rarely break out. In fact I find that it dries up any pimples on my face and I look better than next day but maybe that's just me.
  10. Hi, I'm new to the board. I have pretty mild acne that flares up every once in awhile however most of them tend to leave red marks (cheek area) . Anyways, three weeks ago during one of the 'bad' weeks i got my first cyst on my face. I didn't realize what it was until about two weeks ago when it did not go down. Anyway, its been around for around 4 weeks and has shrunken for the most part but the area still remains very red and I can feel the cyst inside if I pressure it. I was wondering if a c