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  1. My acne isn't getting worse but isn't getting better. I'm already feeling pretty depressed about life overall so my acne is just the cherry on top. I want to be more positive and not so bitter but it's just how I'm feeling today. The only thing getting me through the day is knowing that I have a derm apptment tomorrow with my new dermatologist and hopefully that she is some kind of miracle worker . Wishing everyone the best.
  2. Hello Andy! My number one tip for you since you've already seen a dermatologist is to stick with the regimen they've advised you to follow. You may not see a big difference at first but the best thing to do is to stick to it and stay in constant communication with your derm. Now lets say you're like "hey this product isn't working for me" make sure to let them know so they can prescribe something stronger or change your regimen. Maybe it'll help you to know what I'm using and what produ
  3. I clearly said, if given the choice to choose between 2 versions of the SAME guy, 2 exact clones that she has never met before, with the same looks, same personality, etc, only difference is one has acne, and one doesn't You cannot see the fact that how others see you, is affecting how you see yourself, you depend on other people's acceptance, we all do, you say, I want to change how I see myself and I would like myself better without acne, but acne is simply a cosmetic problem, and the only re
  4. How great would it be if products in infomercials actually worked as advertised! Everyone would be slim, happy, and acne free! If only...

  5. spriter91

    My review

    My review

    Clears out your system None Water is good for you. Drink it. Lots of it =)
  6. Kinda works for me

    Brings pimples to a head slight burning I have severe cystic acne and it doesn't do exactly what it's advertised to do, they're still as visible as ever, but it does help to bring pimples to a head making them prime for bursting! lol One tube has lasted me over a year, so u definitely get your moneys worth.
  7. Strongly recommend for oily skin!

    Lessens oil production Burns slightly I use this product regularly and it works for me. It dries it out my skin a bit but it balances out by the end of the day. Everybody's skin is different but if you have oily skin or combination skin give it a try!
  8. Yes lets help each other!~ My acne has been pretty bad these last few weeks. I have work tomorrow and MAAAN am I dreading it lol. Sometimes I wish that I could just stay home all day and not be bothered to care what condition my face is in. ugh! It's the worst, but I guess I'll just have to get through it.... The thing I hate the most is when random strangers come up to you and are like, " hey maybe you should try....". I usually don't mind feed back and suggestions from others when I ask
  9. Hello Miss BH. The best thing to do if you haven't done so already is to see a dermatologist. Now I don't mean just any dermatologist but a good one who actually cares about you and the condition your face is in. I'm 22 and have been suffering from acne since I was 13. I've seen 5 different derms in my life and each different then the one prior. The one I go to now has her own practice and they're usually the ones who truly give a crap. Not only that but my dermatologist is an acne sufferer
  10. Hey Orlando158. I agree with you on most of your post except for the first one about a girl preferring a guy who doesn't have acne vs a guy who does. Life is never that cut and dry. The reason a girl may choose the guy without acne, could be for a number of reasons. Those who suffer from acne tend to lack confidence. If you owned your acne and weren't ashamed of it and didn't use it as a clutch "the girl" may see past the acne, bad genes and all. I noticed from my own experiences that those who