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  1. i was wondering if you have to be a certain age to buy B5 vitamins.. yeah that may be a dumb question.. but with all the freakin laws and rules and etc etc whatever these days the stores are crazy. so just wondering about that. also, i was wondering what forms B5 comes in.. id rather just have a regular pill.. but i know that it comes in pills that dissolve but i really hate those.. and also, where is the best place to buy B5? thanks!
  2. i know this probably isnt the BEST answer, but, tanning. it will make your face look a million times better since you mostly have redmarks and not active acne. =) i know this probably isnt the BEST answer, but, tanning. it will make your face look a million times better since you mostly have redmarks and not active acne. =)
  3. Hey guys! thanks so much for replying! smiles, the potato mask didnt do anything for me but make my skin feel gross. but i also didnt stick with it because i didnt see results the first 5 or 6 times. right now im exfoliating and using neosporin.. ive only been doing it for about a week and a half. i guess you could say its gotten better? but thanks for your post it was very helpful! i hope you find something as well!! sublime, thanks! right now i really dont have the money to do anything li
  4. Hey guys, well, ive had mild, yet CONSISTENT acne for about ... 4 years? well i have a LOT of redmarks.. i think because ive used SOOO many products and etc over the years and never really given my skin a break because im scared if i do ill break out worse! ive tried things like potato masks, aloe vera, the neutrogena acne mark fading peel, lemon juice, baking soda, TTO [mainly to reduce bumps but ive also heard it works on marks?] and a few more things as far as redmarks go but i cant seem to r
  5. i was wondering the same thing. i dont have any health food stores around here really. can you get it at a pharmacy, wal-mart, target, grocery store, anything like that? also i aws wondering the same thing about jojoba oil. Thanks much.
  6. Im that was asked, i was wondering about emu oil myself! very helpful!!
  7. Well i must agree! If i had skin like yours id skip the makeup too. b-e-a-utiful. you have like no pigmentation problems like myself. your skin is mucho pretty!
  8. holaaaaa... I have a review! I actually did the same thing as you. i went to target in search of a different brand and they were out so i figured since it was only about 3 dollars i would try it. except i was looking for loose powder. I really really like this stuff! which is unusual because normally i HATE nyc products because they seem cheap and crappy. like you said, i def. discarded the whole "sponge" applicator because thats a JOKE. im using a blush brush and brushing it all over and i
  9. sounds similar to what happened to me last week. except i didnt pop a pimple. my skin was flaking so i exfoliated way too much and it left raw two raw patches on my face. they peeled and i saw pinkish raw skin. its taken forever to heal but from experience, DONT mess with it, at night, apply something like neosporin cream or polysporin. it should clear up pretty quickly! i also had someone tell me to use hydrocortizone so maybe you could try that. best of luck!!
  10. hello Im not sure if it would help at all but ive heard of people using yeast [yes, what you bake with] to bring a bump to a head. well also ive heard of them using it to bring nasty stuff out of your pores as part of a mask too. but that might help, try mixing some water with yeast until you have a thick paste and apply it to the spot overnight. hope i was of some help!
  11. so basically what im getting here is that pro-activ is a no-go? thats mucho money saved, and much time un-wasted. thanks guys.
  12. Helloooo lovelies. Hope all is going well with everyone. Things are getting better for me! as some of you might remember i was the gal who totally ruined my face by over exfoliating and blah de blah. well its getting better slowly but surely thanks to you guys! well anywho on to the point, right? lol. Ok so i WAS using differin untill my whole dry skin/exfoliation experience and now i have stopped but i realized that it was TOTALLY overdrying my skin & i dont think its right for me, b
  13. i can buy hydrocortizone in a regular store like target, walmart, etc. without prescription or anything right? if so, anyone know what section its in? ive never seen it before. probably with the neosporin, right??
  14. that might have been another problem of mine recently. See what led to my exfoliating like crazy was extreme dryness, which could have been caused by me laying out in the sun. it is also drying up like crazy too so i have been moisturizing with a non comodegenic moisturizer, is that okay?