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  1. I am now 2 weeks post 2nd treatment and i have to say that this rocks for anyone with mild scarring pores are looking better and 100% of the bumps under my skin on my jaw line are gone!!! everyone has commented that i look much better still dealing with a bit of melasma etc.... but its doing good!
  2. sorry to differ but i didn't have any results worth mentioning from my ipl sessions and i had over 12 sessions with a skin specialist. wouldn't recommend it for extremely clogged pores or skin that has been over active for many years.
  3. Red blue (non laser) light treatment does this. It's not fast (takes a few months to clear the blocked-pores/comedones out), but it improves complexion within a few days. The red light improves complexion I think mostly. You can buy reasonably inexpensive 660nm Red led lamps for home use. i am in need of pore shrinkage too! how does the red/blue ;ight work? any links? also you guys might like to check my thread on the harmony pixel in the laser forum.
  4. i think laser treatment if you have the budget for it would be good. i would suggest the harmony pixel only because i am having that laser treatment now. I am now 10 days post treatment 1 and my scars which (on the temple area) are a bit like yours are 80% cleared. i have a little of what you have on my cheeks and that has evened out too. you could also try fraxel but, pixel and fraxel are very very similar the difference is that the harmony pixel is much cheaper than fraxel. and in your cas
  5. http://acne.about.com/od/laserandlighttrea...armonypixel.htm yeah that's right. my dr said that he was just on the brink of getting the fraxel when he was told by someone else that the pixel was better because there are no replaceable parts and therefor the costs are cheaper.... infact where i am , the pixel costs as much as one ipl treatment used to cost. i think there may be some difference in how deep the pixel goes but .... i think for mild to moderate cases like me it's a better/chea
  6. Any who read some of my other threads on my situation with mild acne scarring, and extremely clogged pores and crepey skin will recall that i was at my wits end some months ago.... Facials, IPL and microdermabrasion did not help... Infact i think if i had saved all that money i could have bought my own Harmony Pixel laser machine ANYWAY.... To cut the long tragic story short, 10 days ago i tried the harmney pixel laser for the first time. I'll just repeat again what my problems were: Prim
  7. I am going to try this. It is 1/4 the price of fraxel and is supposed to be more effective. I don't have bad scarring just a few shallow scras here and there.... my main problem is clogged pores and oily skin. WIll let you know how it turns out for me.
  8. I don't even bother thinking about make up anymore. I don't have any acne anymore.... in fact i never really had bad acne but the texture of my skin is so lousy from having had oily skin for so long that 15 minutes after i put on powder or foundation it has sunk into the pores and looks disgusting. in my case i'm better of without it. I just do my eye brows and wear a bit of lipstick maybe some blush sometimes... I really wish i knew how to get rid of the coarse texture. I don't even go out dur
  9. Looks are important to me. My looks and other peoples looks. For example, i think Adrien Brody has the most beautiful face i've ever seen. And that means something to me but maybe that's because i am an artist and i experience the world visually first. I guess the important thing is that i don't make judgements and decisions based on the way people look. . . but sometimes i do without even thinking about it. Like i presume a certain person does this this and this because he looks a certain way..
  10. i kind of have the same thing. Skin is very dry and looks crepey. Not sure what the solution is.... skin is also very oily..... so moisturising is an issue....
  11. I think it does make a difference personally. I noticed a huge difference when i got my aquasana water filter. If you really want to do it, you're better of with a water filter than bottled water. here's the link: http://www.aquasana.com/ It might not work wonders for your acne but your hair and scalp will thank you.
  12. What exactly is a scarred pore? Is it the same as an open pore? My pores are mainly clogged.... I never had real acne just break mild outs from oily skin. As a result my skin is just really really oily... all the pores are clogged. I've read so much on the fraxel thread about fraxel making pore size worse.... Maybe titan is a better option.
  13. Hi, I went shopping a few days ago and saw a brand of pore strips i've never tried before... They are called purederm pore strips. I went home not really expecting much as they were cheaper than the rest... I put them on and waited.... The difference started when i could actually feel the paper drying and getting hard and i couldn't move my face because it was so stuck to my skin. Anyway - i waited about 20 minutes till the strip was totally dry and then peeled it off and... it was amazing.
  14. i looked out for that label last time i was out but i don't think they stock it in the UAE. any others?
  15. Hi, i am thinkng about going for fraxel or titan for my clogged/open pores. I have really congested skin. it looks ok from a few feet away but up close you can se that most of my pores are enlarged and congested. especially around my nose. It's terrible.