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  1. Which clorstay foundation are u using? ( SPF 6, lite makeup SPF 15, colorstay compact SPF25...etc)
  2. Hey i was just wondering if anyone has tried the new Sally Hansen Airbrush makeup? it says its for all skin colors... does that really work? is it good for ur skin? If not can anyone reccomend a good foundation and concealer that covers good but isnt cakey? I am outside a lot and my foundation tends to be very noticable, i have tried experimentingwith L'oreal foundations and Maybelline but they always seem to appear cakey no matter how much or how little i apply . Pleez help O:)
  3. I really like the look of cream eyeshadows, but i have noticed that they always seem to slip together into the crease of my eye. is there any way that i can make them last longer?
  4. Are there any good translucent powders that i can find at a drug store or walmart for a good price?
  5. Just in a quick summary, what is a glycolic peel and what does it do for you?
  6. Hey! I know exactly how you feel, its almost impossible to find good makeup for good prices if you have acne-prone skin. But here is some advice that I have to help you out a little bit... 1) First determine your skin type. If it is oily use a oil-free or mattifying foundation, use a moisturizing foundation for dry skin or a heavier stick for combination skin. 2) Avoid compact foundations. The sponge will grab the bacteria and the closed area provides a warm, dark space for it to breed. 3)Dont