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    Adult Acne

    keoke - if you've read other people's posts about their success with sea salt or essential oils - it works in much the same way, only you don't have to bathe twice a day like the guy did with sea salts, and it's not just a single nice idea, like tea tree oil. Those are rough ideas that do work, but with a lot of effort, and this is a finished formula that many people had success with and many more will, with ease. If you really need to know the ingredients - here, straight from the bottle:
  2. helped

    Adult Acne

    Hi, everyone! Wow, I have been gone for a few days and was curious to see what happened in the meantime. Thank you - I almost had a heart attack reading what some of you posted there! THE TRUTH IS AS FOLLOWS: 1. I am clear and I am very happy about it! 2. The words came from my heart, and anyone who reading this should know: it makes me sick to read about someone's frustration and un-success when I believe I know what should be done to end it! Would YOU hold the information to yourself?? F
  3. helped

    Adult Acne

    sorry, it's all fixed now
  4. helped

    Adult Acne

    Hello everyone - I am a woman who is now 33 years old and who has suffered from mild to moderate acne most of my adult life. I remember how hard it was to find any cosmetics that wouldn't aggravate the problem. And those red post acne marks seemed to never fade, making the problem appear much worse that it actually was. I have tried literally everything, including prescriptions. Reading some of your posts really brings back some of my own painful memories - I know how that feels! Using dif