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  1. I totally agree. Sometimes i look in the mirror and my skin doesnt seem all that bad. other times (like today) i look in the mirror and think GOOD LORD.lol. Why cant some miracle scientist come out with a cure n save us all a lot of unneeded bullshit.
  2. I must say this Loreal Renoviste Glycolic Peel hasnt done ANYTHING for my red marks. I know its not intended to remove red marks (at least i dont think it is?), but from the good ratings this product was given on this forum id have thought it'd do something.
  3. If i were you id gradually stop taking them. Nothing good comes from long term use of antibiotics. They will kill your good bacteria and your acne will gradually malform into a kind of superstrain acne which antibiotics will be defencless against. trust me, just stop taking them. look for a more long term safer solution.
  4. I really hope i DO grow out of it naturally. i cant think of a better thing that could ever happen. I think i probably will, but not for a few years yet. im 22, and i have also noticed year by year my acne is significantly reduced. I think (or hope) by age 25-26 my acne will be at a controlled level.
  5. I think whats worse than having acne, is not knowing when or if you will grow out of it. If i new id be rid of acne by say the age of 30...i wouldnt be as stressed about it. but for all i know i could have it for the rest of my life.
  6. I dont think ive travelled enough to noticably tell whether people from the US and the UK sufer from acne worse than those from other countries. Although i am biracial (British Greek Asian) and do have acne myself, i would say that by only looking at people in the UK, you can see how acne effects people from different ethnic groups. Whites have a much higher rate of acne in comparison to any other race. I am going to visit China for 2 months this summer (leaving in 8 days!) This will be a perec
  7. how do you think i feel, im a school teacher!
  8. Ive noticed mine get VERY SLIGHTLY worse. i duno why. wenever i travel to the Med my acne gets better, but in England its worse I used to think hot weather and sun exposure helps to improve acne, but when i think about it, America is really hot and they have probably the worse acne rate in the world! So it must be due to other factors.
  9. i dunno...i've just had enough of everything. Not being able to gain any weight and acne both ruin my life. I can't see myself every fully growing out of it. I dont mind the odd spot once in a while, but im just waiting for the more persistant acne to go. will this ever happen? probably not.
  10. Why not just get a chemical peel? if my acne had more or less stopped and i still had significant scarring, a peel is the first thing id get.
  11. I simply believe that i have too much testosterone. i have all the signs of it. these being: Acne, Difficulty putting on weight, and Overexcessive hair growth. once my testosterone stabilises im sure itll sort everything out. i think its genetic for me. my dad said he started putting on weight when he was about 30. however, neither of my parents had acne.
  12. B5 worked wonders for me, for about 2 weeks! then my skin went back to its oh so oily state. again...a short term quick fix solution.
  13. Proactiv never worked for me. I think i have come to the conclusion that any topical 'quick fix' treatments will only work in the short term. You'll find they work great for the first several weeks, then your skin just gets used to them and goes back to the way it was. dont get me wrong, topical treatments can help reduce acne, but most of the products that do this have even worse long term side effects.
  14. well i went ahead and bought it today. i think im guna use it tonight. it says leave it on for only 10-15 mins, but i think ill leave it on for half an hour. worth a try.