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  1. Heya, It's been ages since I came here. I haven't had pimples for over a year now. (occasianally 1, that disappears soon after). How I got rid of them can be read in one of my old topics. Anyhow, my pimples are gone, but I still have some mild scars. Most of the scars are gone, but I just need to get rid of everything. The scars can be seen in outside light or some other lights... They can't be seen at all in the morning when I wake up. Is chemical peel the solution for me? I live in the n
  2. Our "prehistoric" ancestors probably only lived to about 30 years. Do you think they were in good health? Humans are herbavoires by nature. We weren't meant to eat meat of other animals. Just like the mighty giraffe.
  3. I've been drinking milk every morning since i was like 2 years old. This is just some B/S story of the stupid 'animal rights activists' using one of their new stupid methods to keep people from using 'animal products'. Idiots. If you don't want to drink milk, who cares, don't drink it. But don't try to sell others your b/s story that you yourself arn't even sure of.
  4. I never keep it on a spot. I just wash my face everytime and rub it all over my face with vinegar. And thats it. I do that a few times a day.
  5. Vinegar can be a problem for people with sensitive and or dry skin imo. Because it dries your skin, which i like.. because i have oily skin. hehe. Ever since i've been putting on vinegar i no longer have an oily skin. I don't know if it's normal or not that your face is red. (what exactly do you mean with red?... a bit more redish or just red? lol). What i do know is that my sis said that my scars look a bit more redish when i put the vinegar on. It's true. And my brother said my face is much
  6. You shouldn't have even put it on every 20mins, that's crazy and no one should do that. I did it once every 2 hours on my face the first few days and that was too much. and the crust is what you want, because that's how it heals it.
  7. Don't know, never used distilled vinegar. I've used redwine vinegar before, but i didn't like it. I heard that Appel cider vinegar is the strongest type, don't know if it's true.
  8. I already seen my dermatologist, and he said if he surgically removed the cyst, like an cortisone shot, it would leave a scar. Perhaps because of the size. I'm kinda desappointed with the vinegar I really thought it would help to shrink the cyst. Anyone could answer the questions on my first post? EDIT: just to add if I put toothpaste on the cyst before bed would help?
  9. Ah, this method was already known here? Cool, i heard this from my brother. He told me that he heard from an Iranian doctor that using vinegar on face with cotton balls is the best method to get rid of acne. So at first i tried wine vinegar, but i didn't like it. It smelled really bad and it had 'things' in it. LoL. Anyway, i stopped using it after using it a few times. My brother asked why i stopped blahblah... told me to start using it again to get rid of acne... (at that time we had Appel