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  1. only way to stop tanning in the sun is to use a SUNBLOCK. the cream that u smear on ur nose and whereever you want complete blockage of any sun rays. sunscreen will absorb and reflect some of the rays. u will still tan with sunscreen, but u filter out the most damaging rays
  2. u used an aha lotion too early on what are these little bumps? do they develop into pimples?
  3. what do u plan to exfoliate with? how long have u been on the regimen? for now i would continue gently wiping off dead skin with a towel based on what you've said so far, but if u answer the questions above maybe something else might work
  4. most ppl just use a bar soap and lather up to shave. something like cetaphil bar would work. i use gilette shaving gel and it works for me, but it might not for u. i don't use shaving balm after. i haven't tried using it wtih the regimen.
  5. i have heard of some ppl experiencing slight stinging sensations when using certain type of moisturizers. i can't remember if cetaphil was one that did it. if you're still new to the regimen, try it out for a few more days and see if it goes away, otherwise switch to another moisturizer.
  6. most ppl can't mix SA washes with bp in their regimen. it seems to cause problems.
  7. i've lost track.. i think i'm around 12-14 weeks. somehwere around there
  8. if you are lifeguarding outside, i would get at least spf 30 (higher is even better, but the difference in protection becomes less as you go up as far as i know) . spf 15 would be okay for when you're just out for a little while and you're exposed for a short amount of time. like a typical day if you had to run errands and it was sunny outside. check the bottle that it actually says BROAD SPECTRUM. i know neutrogena's line (their actual sunscreen line) says that. u want to cover both UVA and U
  9. right on! now just chill out and keep it up. don't worry too much
  10. just find the one that works for u. most ppl have gone with dans' recommomendation. it's quite proven
  11. what i said above. i wouldn't get nething below 30
  12. ALWAYS use sunscreeen when you go outside. using sunscreen will not stop your skin from tanning. it WILL protect your skin from UV rays that can cause skin cancer, wrinkles and skin aging. get at least spf 30, apply 20 minutes beforehand and reapply every 2-3 hours
  13. swimming will wash off everything u put on, but it'll also dry ur skin. just moisturize afterwards and do a realy goodregimen at night (maybe a bit earlier). don't skimp on the bp since the bp won't be working durin ghte day. give that a shot and see how that goes.
  14. yep of course. that's what i do