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  1. did your doctor give you a hard time about going on a second round? technicaly i haven't broken out yet but my skin is DISGUSTING oily.
  2. any thoughts from second-rounders? do you think i should do it? ugh, skin's getting worse by the day!
  3. Sound familiar? ..I was 14 when I started to break out, and ever since then it's swung back and forth between oh-christ-i-can't-leave-the-house and ignorable. But at the end of the day, it was still acne, and my skin was always a mess. It made me self-conscious, it made me shy, it made me angry, it made me afraid to be in a flourescent lit room, it made me afraid to sleep over a boyfriend's house because I always had to have makeup on, it made me scared to eat carbs and sugar, it made me buy wei
  4. it's funny. every time i ghost these boards i stay on for hours at a time and obsess over everything, swaying from whatever current regimen i have and running out the next day to try the next hot thing. i don't think it's really ever helped i don't know what to believe any more - diet, vitamins, benzoyl peroxide, antibiotics, accutane, evil, mites (WTF?), diaper cream, pee. had acne since i was 14. i'm 20 now and it's much different than the "teen" acne with the breakouts alongside my nose an