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  1. Oh man, how happy am I that week 3 showed a vast improvement! So, I'm still suffering from mood swings - but I can mostly attribute that to my past history with taking medication, as my body isn't used to having this sort of stuff in my system. Plus, I have had a slight issue with mood before taking Roaccutane so I'm not super worried about that. My lips are finally healing! Hallelujah, they were looking very worrying all last week so I'm glad using the right treatment has helped. In te
  2. If I thought week one was bad, then my second week of Roaccutane was hell on earth. I'm still on 80mg a day, and it's reflecting in the state of my skin. Skin: Very dry nose - it never stops peeling and just feels gross. My breakouts have progressed to just appearing on my chin and lower cheeks while my forehead is actually super clear (yay). My arms are starting to peel which is weird, but a little bit of sorbolene does the trick! Honestly, Sorbolene is one of my holy grail products while
  3. After looking through the web to see how others are coping with this, I decided I too should document my journey. At present, I am at the start of my third week so I will just post weeks 1 and 2 now then update weekly in real time. To say my first week of Roaccutane was hard is a gross understatement. I have never felt less like myself in my life; even my boyfriend has noticed already. Because I am taking the drug at a higher dosage than what is considered the norm to start with (3x 20mg pi