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  1. um... well i guess it feels kind of not dry but... clean ish? although it is truly dry and i moisturize (aftershave woot!) um... before the benzoyl peroxide my face would be really dry as i was on stevamycin (spelled wrong?) which was super drying and did not work very well after a while (got it down to a more controlled acne but after that it sort of just kept it in check there)
  2. actually allow me to clarify, i have a shower in which i put the benzoyl peroxide on my face where i wash it off and then after getting out of the shower i put shaving cream and shave. and the hot water i do not need to worry bout as i go straight to shaving after the shower (well maybe dry off a little bit)
  3. true... i was just wondering what difference in acne a straight razor would make over a safety razor, i know my shaving cream does not cause any problems and i burn the ... poo ... out of my face afterwards with alcohol before the shaving is benzoyl peroxide too so... basically anything on my face that is a bacterium and is alive is pretty bloody resistant to death! but it should probably not make much difference eh?
  4. well i used (still do i am thinking on the transition still) a mach 3 razor and it works fine... its just not that close ya know? EDIT: btw i mean a straight razor(to switch to) as in before safety razors such as gilette.
  5. I am sorry if i posted this in the wrong place. I am wondering if shaving with a straight razor will make any difference in acne, as i had heard from one person that it made them break out in a bunch of tiny whiteheads... but he mighta just been full of it. I am not certain as i am thinking of switching to a straight razor and my acne is not very interested in going away and i do not want to provoke it (yes it is an evil creature!)
  6. well what you COULD try is to take a facecloth (clean obviously) and make it reaaally hot by like putting in hot water (or make it wet and microwave may work, nver tried...) i used to do that with some of my zits when they were like that (no longer that bad for me ) so... i dont know try it if ya want
  7. im pretty sure its oxidized... something or other...
  8. Yeah i try and try and try not to pick... what i found works is... not a lot cause i still pick and i hate myself for it but... arrgh i almost think i like to pick...
  9. yeah never mess with the big spots thats a very very very very very very very bad idea... i had one on my cheek... oh man it was huge... i couldnt not pop it... stupid kme (though i dont think it scarred over... kinda hard to see cause my pores are kinda big... ish...though feeling over it it feels fine, was a year or so ago though) but man did that hurt and it left a big solid feeling sore
  10. well personally having never taken it i cannot comment from first hand BUT my cousins... well they cant wait for anything (twins) so the ydecided to up their dosage of accutane... well when the hair loss started they freaked out and stopped it (yeah it can cause hair loss but it probably takes a while for that to happen, just dont decide to up your dose on your own )
  11. Hm... yeah for the dryness try a moisturizer... (my skin peeled reaaaally badly until i started using one though it does sorta... maybe... make it less effective)
  12. Hm i change my sheets pretty often(about weekly or so) ill try sleeping with no shirt for a few days and see what it brings
  13. yeah thanks... i really dont wanna use accutane (i know someone who used it and commited suicide ) but it could have been any number of things (like think about it, you may have really bad acne(i dont have acne bad enough to use accutane, at least not any more) and have low self esteem and say some ignoramus picks on you or something well... yeah combination of stuff piling up eh)
  14. Err... my town's water supply is not chlorinated... though it is slighty flouridated maybe that works (hey its a halogen) then again maybe it has nothing to do with anything at all? edit: when i say slightly flouridated i mean like... .001 ppm (9.98859e-7 g/L i love online converters <3)
  15. Yeah dont drink milk at all, because 3/4 of us are lactose intolerant which helps us get acne when we drink milk so... dont drink it, believe me, according to my bio teacher her brother used to drink milk like a fish drinks water (do they?) and he had acne (not sure how serious) and all sorts of other fun stuff (diarreah, nausia) and for whatever reason he stopped drinking milk for a while nad hsi face cleared up and the other fun symptoms stopped so... i suggest not drinking milk and seeing wha
  16. personally i believe the more water the merrier... just gotta pee more often and ... wow thats actually a lot :) but still a litre of tea... what kind of tea? if its some herbal thing like chamomile (i find that sorta helps with acne) or green (heard it helps) then keep drinkin that maybe... cut down to like 1 or 2 litres of water...
  17. um... define too young? my cousins were on accutane when they were 14... it helped them tremendously and htey had really bad acne...
  18. Well shaving is not really a medication but it seemed to help my acne(or maybe it was a coincidence) when i switched from electric to pull razor. I do not use aftershave, so it probably has to do with the actual removing of dead skin and then me putting some clean and clear cream on my face afterwards. What i do know is that i do not get zits on the parts of my face i shave neaaaarly as much as i used to (though i do also take monocyclin which may also contribute to it) cept my upper lip is pron
  19. Some products take some time to start working... that could be it, then again im no expert
  20. Ever wonder what would happen if you slopped that stuff on? other than staining your face (not permanently but i doubt you would wanna go out in public) it may actually work... seeing as it does wonders for cuts etc... I may have to try it on my back and see... any comments?
  21. erm... let me see if i can get the chemistry of this C9H8O4 + H2O = C7H6O3 + C2H3OH ?? or is it C7H6O3 + CH3OH? at any rate would it maybe also have to do with the alchohol? that could help seeing as it is an antiseptic...
  22. Yeah, this stuff was prescribed to me by my doctor, i used to have moderate to severe acne, now its down to mild to moderate... it is slowly getting better though. I have been on it for like... let me see... just over a year. It is a topical gel (steviamycin(i may be spelling it wrong)) which has like... 2% or osmething salicyclic acid and an oral antibiotic (monocyclin). After reading some of your site i decided to stop popping my zits... it seems to be getting even betterer(not a word?) Well..