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  1. ssenda

    Skin Looks Raw And Bad.

    I can try that. People say they go on like fasting for a week like a apple a day and just water like wow that's some determination. I am in the same boat with u with the face thing. My fiance and my family is like it's looks fine what r u talking about I look in the reflection on my phone I'm like guys r u like dumb? Have acne scars all over my chin and forehead like wtf. Then they tell u its fine ur fine ur acting like a baby. Then it gets me mad and just makes it all worse. I saw ur pics idk
  2. ssenda

    Skin Looks Raw And Bad.

    Hey man sry to hear about ur day. I'll give u a little info about mine I also am in the basement taking my college classes online. I have been home fixing my body and face acne for like a year now. I can't look in normal mirrors. Get this I use my phone as a mirror bc after months of using benzoyl peroxide I lost it. I have scars and stuff. Only my back is bad chest is clear shoulders. But man I hate when people say ur face looks so good I only see like 2 things on ur face I'm like damn I can s
  3. ssenda

    Skin Looks Raw And Bad.

    Can my skin texture ever go back to normal guys? I'm super scared of that. Ever since using bp my chin forehead cheeks look so different in the texture. My complexion went to hell. I'm going to try that mask tomorrow and look at the muac blemish buster
  4. ssenda

    Skin Looks Raw And Bad.

    I'm using a super super sensitive cleanser now seems to be ok. But since using benzoyl peroxide for about 4 months it just made my skin look absolutely horrible. Look leathery and red and the texture is different. I'm wondering if skin can ever come back from that or am I stuck with this for life. I never really had acne then I started using bp and just ruined my face so bad.
  5. Hey guys my name is scottie for awhile I have been battling acne. So my derm gave me benzoyl peroxide 2.5 percent well I left it on to long and I have been using it daily for about 3 months. It made my skin really raw blotchy looking and it's been 2 weeks of not using it doesn't seem to go back to normal. I have sensitive oily skin and I wash my face with a gentle cleanser morning and night. I put 100 percent argan oil on every day just to try to heal the damage. Seems like my pores by my nose
  6. ssenda

    Help With Forehead Acne.

    Iv never heard of that before I have to try it. Thanks!!
  7. Hey guys I have acne mainly on my forehead. Usually doing a chemical peel helps but I ran out. So I have been researching on how to do make a chemical at home any ideas? Any one with sensitive oily skin find any success on clearing there skin? It seems like mine dosnt stop I drink water eat only brown rice and broccoli very active. Any ideas thoughts open to anything. Thanks
  8. ssenda

    Untitled Album

  9. ssenda

    Acne Help

    I have extremely sensitive skin. I have used everything and gone to a derm no help my acne isn't to bad. Just some in back and scars om chest. I have like some spots on my face but everything I do makes my skin irritated any ideas? I also wanted to know if I'm a good looking guy Bc acne has destroyed my confidence. Thanks scottie