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  1. I bought gream cream, I got the level 3 and level 6 trails tubes. Ive tried the level 3 for about three days now and I dont see anything happening. Am I being too impatient? Is diffrein a perscription medicine?
  2. There so many diffrent products being thrown at me, Im getting confused. What products do you think I should use. My night regimen, lol, I dont wash my face evry night cuz I am so tired I fall asleep like that. 80% of the time I dont wash my face at night. So what products should I use and can they be a little cheap, cuz I dont feel like making a thirty dollar investment. the diffren sounds like a good idea since my perscriptions are free. any more perscription stuff?
  3. Well here are a few pictures of myself. And included are a few pictures of what I would like to achieve. Can you please recommend procedures or creams or what ever is needed to acheive that. This is my whole face to give you a perspective. This pictures is a close up of my forehead and as you can see red spots and discoloration and pigmentation maybe. This picture shows you a close up of my cheek and the uneven color and tone of my face that you might not see in other pictures. This is
  4. Lol...I really dont care about the color as much as to what the color looks like, its uneven and untonned and is dark in some areas and light in other areas with red marks here and there with light shades of red, not giving me that smooth baby's bottom look that I want. So I figure getting a little less dark and more even with a cream would help. Nobody answered my question, is that cream safe to use of does it cause harmful effects.
  5. I read online that some countries have banned it from use due to its links in causing cancer.
  6. I know that now, they have about a million diffrent procedures that offer you clearer skin with better even tone. Such procedures as -Chemical Peel - Microdermal Abrasion But I have no idea what all of them are, and what they are for. I have large pores with uneven skin tone and pigmentation. I am Indian And I have brown skin. I dont have that many pimples but I have like skin that makes the face look red and brown and light in other areas and dark in other areas. Esp around the nose.
  7. My skin get really dark during the summer when I stay out in the sun. Are there products that I can buy that would help me keep my natural skin color, I get really dark, I go from olive skin to like dark brown middle eastern skin. Is there a way to reverse what the sun does to my skin?
  8. does anybody else know what I am reffering to?
  9. When I look at my face it seems uneven and there are diffrent tones of color on my face with some small acne and around my lips the skin is dark and so is around my nostrils and under my eyes. I am 19 yrs old and I am East Indian. I see some kids my age, people with gelled and spiked hair that looks like characters from dragon ball z, and there face has a matte look, so flat and smooth with no bumps or any red marks, it looks almost like a computer digitially edited their face. There face look
  10. I dont know why but the skin aroun my eyes and the eyelids are dark and purpleish, and the skin around my nose where my nostrils meet my face is also darker than the rest of my face. The skin around my lips is also darkish than my tan skin. It looks wierd that I have brown skin but then the other skin tends to be darker and makes it un balanced. I have a bump in my nose and the skin around the bump is also reder than the rest of my face. Idk why? Has anyone experienced this. Im indian btw.. m