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  1. my face has the EXACT problem yours has (red marks). ive been on Benzaclin and Tazorac for about a year now but the results are very inconsistent. a month of barely visible red marks and no acne, aside little ones now n then, but there are months where im convinced that its doing NOTHING for my skin by the count of many new cystic n other kinds of acne. right now i am on Glutathione and other skin lightening products and it slowly helps the red marks fade. but i dont want to recommend this to
  2. ive been on this regimen for 5 days but its made my face worse. it looked like my red marks were fading and thats good BUT i am getting tiny bumps all over my face its SCARY. REALLY bad texture u can see it up close. and i am breaking out quite a bit as well. the only things i can think of changing is that being more gentle when i massage the baking soda in but thats about all that i can change. did anyone experience this on this regimen? any response to this would be GREATLY appreciated. i
  3. boogi

    scarring n blemishes

  4. i wasnt gonna post about my new regimen yet but i am trying out the laneige products Pore line. (www.laneige.com) IB is lasting longer than i would like >_> almost a month now; my face seems to be settling down so am sticking to it. im giving it a good three months so yeh doesnt it smell so good? lol
  5. my sister used Differen and others (antibiotics and another one i cant remember) and her skin is FLAWLESS now. i asked her if she still uses it and she said she doesnt get much acne anymore. it probably depends on the person n how severe their case of acne...
  6. im on Salicylic acid jus now and it does dry yor face and will make it flake. i believe it does help rid of red marks faster cos of that reason. ill post pics wen theres noticeable improvement
  7. boogi

    bio oil

    i know!!! it doesnt seem to work for me either... ive been using it about a month now and no improvement at all. maybe its not meant to be used as a moisturizer, but then again if u use it before BP , BP will jus slide of cos of the oil. this is soooo disappointing n frustrating
  8. am using it too and im really hoping this is the last red mark solution am gonna try >_> no significant result yet but im only in a week and some.
  9. wen do u apply ACV? im not on CSR anymore. i use Salicylic acid now and bio oil after cleansing. can i use ACV any where in between there? like can i do : cleanse, SA, ACV then Bio oil?????
  10. u can try bio-oil or ACV. im on bio oil right now but no results yet so >_>
  11. BP will clear yor active acne and prevent more BUT red marks from yor old acne stay there long enough to regret youve ever used BP >_> IMO
  12. thats so true. wat CSR did for me is flatten out all of my active acne so now im clear but ALL of them are red on my face... if not a little scar. its so frustrating because AHA has not worked for me im currently using Bio Oil and im on ACV as well. i REALLY hope this works, if not ill give tHIs product a try. (asian too, Filipino)
  13. AHA doesnt really work for everyone. ive been using mine for months (half bottle gone) but my marks are still there. only improvement is my skins smoothness.
  14. oh wow... i gotta keep that in mind (comedogenic) ive been using it for almost a week now twice a day as a moisturizer. good im not breaking out >_>