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  1. Definately agree ^^, mines usually 20-30 second washes, that seems to do it.
  2. jhony...Proactiv is only left on the skin for a few minutes, as opposed to using Dans treatment throughout the day, and on top of that Proactiv has many more ingredients than just benzol peroxide.
  3. Accutane Benzoyl Peroxide Topicals Salicyic Acid There's many cures out there, thousands of them in fact, they just don't all work on all people. If you're asking if they'll ever find a universal cure for acne, that cures every type of acne, on every single person in the world, well I can tell you now, it won't happen.
  4. I used to be 100% clear on my forehead, now I get atleast 10-12 new ones everyday on my forehead and it hasn't been clear since december. They don't friggin go away. JESUS CHRIST HOLY FUCK. I know what youre going through, it is FUCKING LAME.
  5. I'd easily sell everything in my posession and receive lones from the bank. I would be willing to pay up to $80 a month until I died.
  6. Print off the full out explanation of why acne occurs, how long it takes, blah blah blah. Stick in it your pocket and the next time somebody asks you that pull out the paper and read it to them.
  7. I like my ex-girlfriend. Too bad she owned me. , Yeah, boobs are nice too I suppose.
  8. I don't know, but most likely not, I like my best friends' clear face .
  9. From my own personal experience, God likes to rub his power in my face. Damn powerful son of a bitch.
  10. I get that, and I have some fat on me, but still, not all that much. You can see a six pack forming on my stomach so there can't be that much fat, and my ex-girlfriend has got that bulge too, and pretty much everybody I've ever seen without a shirt on. Don't sweat it, it happens to everybody.
  11. It's masking tape, he already showed us a picture. I tried it last night with scotch tape however, because I didn't have any masking tape and I figured duct tape would be too irritating, and well, it didn't seem to do all that much.
  12. Ok your a mod... that doesnt give you a license to be A DICK! Totally AGREED. That was a very rude post. I'm gonna try this stuff tonight, but since I don't have masking tape I'll use a replacement.
  13. These are the reasons I'm embarassed to be a human, seriously. If I was in that class I would've smacked that bitch across the face as hard as physically possible.
  14. Hmm all I have to say is that keep up with Dans Regimen, for some people it can take up to 2 months before results show, seriously, just keep it up.
  15. Have some faith man have some faith.
  16. You said you still get occassional breakouts. so I guess you're not really part of "the clear skin crowd" like you said. and let the girl go, good choice. She deserves someone better ^ agreed, she does deserve someone better.
  17. LionQueen, can I use Green Cream with Differin? Is the Green Cream a moisturizer (meaning will it leave my face oily looking). I'm pretty sure I saw a Thread on Green Cream...I'm going to go check it out. www.greencream.com I'm guessing that'll have all you ever need to know
  18. dami3n I don't think he's on accutane I think he's on some other sort of anti biotic.
  19. I'm not that nice, revenge just feels good. But then again I guess she'll attempt to seek revenge on me and it'll become an ongoing pool of hate towards eachother. OK OK, I'll talk to her about it .
  20. I hate it when people suggest shit. Just be like, it doesn't fucking work alright? You think I haven't tried that shit?
  21. Personally I think she's really pretty, but thats just my own opinion. Meh, its just one little spot. Atleast she doesn't have twenty thousand red spots like me. **starts sobbing**
  22. I used PanOxyl (5% BP and some other medicated shit mixed together) without moisturizing over night, BAD BAD idea. My face was all cracked and red and blah
  23. Local pharmacy? Try I.D.A. or Shoppers Drugmart or something like that.