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  1. Hound

    Very effective

    Very effective

    Less seems to be more. At first I must have been applying on too much because this lotion was staying on my face for a long time, but when I started applying just a pea-size amount, my skin soaked it in no problem, and my face would feel very nice. I went through a lot of moisturizers that would combat dryness after applying BHA, but none have been effective as this product.
  2. I bought this cleanser that was on sale called the Oxy Daily face wash. I didnt read it too well on the time of purchade but this cleanser contains microbeads which makes it somewhat of a semi-scrub. Is this kind of cleanser alright to use daily? Perhaps these kinds of cleansers do a better job of fading red marks? These guys also make a scrub (which is much harsher) that they recommend using 2 or 3 times a week.
  3. I just bought this face wash that was on sale called Oxy Daily face wash ("engineered for men" apparently) I didnt read it properly at the time of purchase but the face wash contains microbeads which make it a semi-scrub, yet it is labeled suitable for sensitive skin. Is this kind of face wash really alright for daily use? Perhaps this kind is better than gentle cleansers for fading post acne marks? Not too sure.
  4. Hound

    Not too bad

    Not too bad

    As I said in my other review, I was never good with Cetaphil products. This cleanser is "okay", but doesn't prove better than the standard Gentle alternative. Contains fair bit of fragrance like the others, if you're sensitive to smell like me, then think twice.
  5. That is GOOD skin. I'm truly glad that you persisted. Keep it up and those marks will indeed fade. Pea sized amount was also good for me too, I never agreed with using even one full pump, let alone two pumps.
  6. End of week 4 I forgot to update week 3 because I had a cold, terribly sick. Havent touched BP ever since. I got two small pimples the past two weeks but again they disappeared quickly. All the pimples I got through this experiment seemed to be on my nose area only, which leads me to believe theres definitely a cause that I can pinpoint.
  7. Manuka honey is actually a well received ingredient for both skincare and health, it's one of the things NZ is famous for. I do agree though that Mandy isnt really adding to the conversation, you could at least describe your past situation and skin type, the price range of the product, the texture of the product and how you have used it.
  8. I had one of those smack bang in the middle of my nose, absolute worst, went for about a month and half. Topical treatments didnt do much for me, I believe cystic acne is caused by an internal rupture, so such treatments cant actually reach far enough. All I can say is, be gentle, stick with your regimen and keep it simple as possible, and get as much sleep as you can. This is the kind you really dont want to touch, I hear that infections in the nose mouth area are potentially lethal. One fr
  9. If any moderators are reading this, could they possibly move this to the Personal Logs forum? I have only just realized that is appropriate. End of week 2 Once again I changed my mind on the BP frequency. I said I would apply every four days, but this week I didnt touch BP at all. Surprisingly my skin feels less oily than it used to. I did get a small whitehead on Wednesday right in the shade of my nose but it disappeared by the next morning. I'm starting to believe the Regimen, or BP ra
  10. I dont remember a seperate cleanser for the body but I do remember Dan recommending the large size cleanser for that. Its good that you're optimistic, but remember to be patient. Start small, never go full two pump dosage twice a day the first week. It's a mistake many including myself make, and end up delaying good results for up to two to four weeks. Benzoyl Peroxide works better as a preventer of acne, the moisturiser is therefore crucial to aid your skin in repairing the current acne dam
  11. My skin is oily, so I switched to a BHA exfoliant (if your skin is dry, AHA is probably better) and I'm in the clear, but this change has to be gradual, you have to ween yourself out of BP instead of cutting it abruptly, otherwise you may get a huge break out. My BP dosage decrease went something like: Twice a day -> once a day -> once every two days -> every three days -> every four days And so on until I stopped using it completely, but each of thise stages needs at least a we
  12. If you would like to try decreasing the dosage, do it slowly. And I think you need to give it time as well. When I decreased from two full pumps to just one pump, I got a few pimples, but I ignored them and stuck with one pump for about two weeks then my skin became clear again, it was as though the skin learned to utilize a smaller amount more efficiently. Then I decided to apply BP only at night. For the past 3 months that I have done so, I have had clear skin. Now I'm experimenting by
  13. I made the same mistake. I too started the regimen with the full two pumps, but when Dan says not using enough is a mistake, he's really talking about the stage where you're maintaining the clear skin (that is, from around the 4th week mark). In the first week or two, he does actually recommend starting off with one pump once a day (it's also on the instruction sheet that comes with the kit). So if the little dosage is working for you, continuing doing so, and work your way to the full two p
  14. Hi Amy I too have considered using Bio-Oil for my acne marks, but I did my research and found that it actually contains many irritating ingredients (I highly recommend a website called Paula's Choice, it reviews and researches many skincare products) Also, the key to healing marks and scars, is to stop the acne itself first, the skin needs to stop being attacked, and judging by your photo, it seems your acne is still flaring up. Think of it like a burning house, you have to extinguish th
  15. Don't use AHA if you've still got active acne, it will cause further irritation. Four weeks is the recommendation because that's when most people's active acne subsides, but some others such as yourself may take longer. As Dan said, AHA is a product that takes clear skin, to the level of perfect skin. But if inflamed acne is still there, your skin has not yet given you the green light to apply further repairs. A burning house needs to be doused before it's rebuilt.