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  1. I know how you feel, I've just got over a Huge Cyst on my chin, it was there for weeks and when it came up I squeezed it, but mine didn't pop. I just left a mess.. I'd squeezed that much that the skin off the whole area came off so I was left with a sore, raw, red, swollen mound. My advice would be to leave it alone! Ice it and take Ibuprofen. I'm not a fan of BP on Cysts, just because it either reloads my cysts with puss or forms a horrid yellow scab which is far to noticable. I applied anticep
  2. Anyone? I've Moisterised it and tried Savlon, nothings working, the skin feels tight and its too dry to even attempt to put makeup on and face the world..
  3. I'm currently having a battle with a big one on my chin, the skin on the top is hard, dry and red yet its still swollen and quite tender, I've tried putting stuff on the top to soften the skin but nothing seems to be working. This one hasn't come to a head, some of my cysts do and some don't, damn things!!!!! Good Luck with yours, hope it goes away for you soon
  4. Aubby I know what you mean when you say its sounds pathetic, and to clear skin people it might just be, but to you it isn't, its hard to leave the house when you feel the way you do, this is my 2nd day of calling in sick, I feel so daft but I don't want anyone looking at my skin. We look in the mirror and look for the bad things on our face, to us they stand out because we look for them, many people won't even notice, however saying that doesn't make it any easier to go out. I sometimes need to
  5. I am currently battling a Cyst on my Chin, Its about 2cm wide and very deep, am currently Icing it and taking Ibuprofen not that it seems to be working tho!! My question is.. the skin covering the cyst and area around it is a deep red colour and is dry and hard, I'm worried to Moisturise because I'm scared that it will make the cyst swell more but I can't even attempt to cover it and leave the house because its so big and dry. what do you suggest I do?? I am a picker and in the past have used so
  6. Doubt this thing will be going anywhere fast, Ice, Ibuprofen and Cortisone Cream for the last 2 days has made no difference, it feels like I have a Marble under my skin.. its really hard!
  7. Thanks for your replies guys, I love these boards cause I know I'm not on my own when I'm feeling like this, my other half tries to understand but I don't think you can understand fully unless you go thru this yourself and to be honest he has clear skin and almost gets no spots. katharine, that scab looked sore, Its so hard to cover things like that, lucky you had it so near your hair! Its so hard to leave something on your face that looks so horrid and you know that when people look at you, tha
  8. I'm kicking myself this morning, I'm a picker.. I know how bad it makes my skin but I realy can't help it! I had a cyst come up on my chin a week and half ago, it stayed pretty deep so couldn't been seen too much with make up covering the red skin.. it started to tingle the other night so I knew it was going to swell up, and it did.. I left it all day yesterday but late last night I decided to give it a squeeze.. nothing much happened at first, then a little pop followed by water then blood, I
  9. I had one of those a few weeks ago, I tried to squeeze it and the skin from the whole area came off making it a lot lot worse so if your going to squeeze be VERY gentle =)
  10. Hiya Welcome to the boards! Try Ice to bring down any swelling =)
  11. Hiya, I'm sorry I don't know much about what you have been given, I took erythromycin for a couple of years and it worked really well for me, cleared me of acne full stop apart from the odd pimple or hormonal spot. I have got bad skin back but nowhere near as bad as it used to be and I've learnt to deal with what I do get better than I did before thanks to this site. Sorry I'm no help, didn't wanna read your post and run, hope it works out whatever you decide to do x
  12. I had a nosry through yesterday after noone posted and found some, thanks =)
  13. Hmmm, it could of been.. there would of been some sorta warning side effect if it was. I guess after reading all these posts its easy to sit and wait for things to happen! I feel fine now and the red patches are almost gone. Do I leave it at 200mg for today? read that lots of people take over double what I have..
  14. Ok heavy feeling in my chest only lasted 5 minutes, just red and tingly now which feels really weird but nice haha
  15. Ok, so Ive read lots of threads on this so I went out and bought some today. Its the flushing type 100mg, I took 2 tablets = 200mg about 40 minutes ago and I feel tingly all over which is fine but I feel really heavy chested and breathless, has this happened to anyone else????