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  1. I guess I'll take this as a sign of the lack of options
  2. Ladies, I'm looking for a refillable brush to carry my EM foundation in, and it must be travel sized, I'm thinking something no bigger than the EM kabuki, or flat top. I'm really disappointed with my options Size aside, there still isn't that many to choose from. So far it seems the sephora refillable powder brush is the best of it's kind out there, but even it has some bad reviews concerning the difficulty of getting the product out So until EM decides to make one (which hopefully won't be
  3. ^ I believe liquid liner will be way worse if the OP is complaining of oily eyelids, I would steer clear of this for sure. Also, putting it on the inner part of your lower lid will fade incredibly quickly as you will.. well, be blinking. I second Siouxsie's reccomendation on MAC's liquid last liner.
  4. Do you know what the price difference is between the store vs. beauty supply dyes?
  5. I've always used a demi permanent at salons because my hair is so dry. It's very long and thick so highlighting it myself, or having a friend do it, would be an excrutiating task for everyone involved, and honestly not worth it if the colour won't last a good length of time. My natural hair colour is a medium brown, it was dyed all over chocolate brown, with red highlights. The chocolate brown all over colour has faded and my medium brown hair is back, and my red highlights have now faded to an
  6. I haven't used store bought dye since I was in highschool, but my roots from my highlights have grown in so much, and I don't want to spend my usual $200 to get my hair completely redone at my beloved salon. So in an effort to cover up the terrible roots before I can sacrifice the money to head back to the salon, I want to purchase some store bought dye. My question for you lovely ladies who have used store bought dye is, what brand do you use? MUA gives some pretty good reviews for the follow
  7. When I said "I don't care if diet only cures acne for 1% of the population, it worked for me, and I will continue to recommend it to people", I was making a point, not stating facts that I am unqualifed to make (like you do). I did not "admit" 1%. How on earth would I know the statistics? I am not sure if you are deliberately misinterpreting everything I say, or if you are just stupid. This is my point (hopefully for the last time): It does not matter if a diet cures acne in 100% of people, 75
  8. I was on it for about 6 or 7 months. It definitely didn't improve my acne, but I don't think it made it worse.
  9. I just recently switched to a 35mcg, it's the highest one I've tried. Which brands are in the 50mcg range?
  10. You really are incredibly ignorant. Are you insinuating that unless a process is 100% proven to cure acne in every single person it should never be recommended? If that's the case, absolutely nothing can be recommended - even accutane has failed many people. All your photographs show is acne. I can take pictures of my clear skin and present this as evidence that diet cured my acne, will you believe me? I don't think so. I can take a picture of a mustang and post it on here and claim that it's
  11. You are so deluded, I just can't stay away from commenting on it. Um, what facts? Your pictures show nothing. Point 1: That is not evidence. Point 2: That is not contradictory to what I am saying. How is that evidence? As I have continually said, I do not believe diet is the cause of ALL acne, nor do I believe that diet is a cause of acne in everyone. So now what?
  12. Your ignorance is astounding. How can you possibly claim to know what causes me acne? How do you think I came to the conclusion that milk causes me acne? Through experimenting - the same process that led me to conclude gluten does not cause acne for me. How can you claim to understand how my body works? This will be my last post in this thread since you are clearly incapable of engaging in a healthy debate, rather you just make totally outrageous claims about how you know how everyone's body r
  13. xquis3t, you seem to be missing the point, which is as follows: You are claiming diet does not cause acne, and I am telling you are incorrect - it can. It may not cause acne for you, it may not cause acne for Mary down the street, but it could for Joe around the block. Diet does not affect my acne, because with a proper diet I do not have acne to be affected. I do not consume milk = I do not have acne. I consume milk = I have acne.
  14. Once again, you are wrong. It does not always take 2 weeks for a pimple to form. Many people on this board will get a pimple within hours of eating a food that causes THEM acne. Yes I did say the individual person is the best to determine what causes acne for them personally. Why you are saying I should not make SUGGESTIONS to others, I do not know. That is the very way wisdom is passed on. I suggest to people what worked for me, and what I know has worked for MANY other people, and they try
  15. You are wrong, dairy does CAUSE acne in many people. Like tdot, a glass of milk or bowl of cereal with milk, will result in a breakout in 24 hours tops. Sometimes it takes people a long time to figure out what aspect of their diet triggers acne, so there is fool-proof answer to "what diet is healthy" in relation to acne. A good place to start is to eliminate dairy and gluten, eat lots of vegetables and avoid processed or fast foods. Yes vitamin A and calcium are both necessary, and b