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  1. Don't use a moisturizer after or you may mess with the chemical compound of the medicine and the way it works. If you must apply, wait at least a few hours after.
  2. Doesnt sound like clogged pores. Try the Eucerin Skin Renewal, and if that doesnt work (but give it some time), you could try something stronger like Glycolic acid. Also use sunscreen (skin renewal does have some). Sun can darken red spots from leftover acne.
  3. Have you tried the clear skin regimen 2.5% gel on the home page? it is much nicer than on the spot.
  4. That would explain why Cetaphil broke me out when I first tried it....
  5. The only thing that has ever gotten rid of my blackheads is Jojoba oil. I dont have any anymore after 15 years, and so far 2 weeks with none!
  6. I have used Neutrogena Healthy Skin and it was fine. No breakouts or disruption with the regimen. I didnt really like it just because I wanted more coverage, but otherwise I think its great.
  7. I have always love Aveeno's moisturizers. I used the positively radiant and my sis still uses it. I have not used it since starting the regimen however, so I cannot advise on how it will work for you with the regimen, but they are nice products. Also, you may have a bit of a cushion with the expiration date. My neighbor is a pharmacist, most things are dated earlier than they actually expire. She told me it is safe to use medicines up to 6 months after expiration. Keep in mind, I do not k
  8. Yes, the On the Spot did that to me too. If you can, order the CSR gel. It will not do this. I did, and I reserved using my on the spot for nighttime to use it up.
  9. Good for you! Duac is 5% Benzoyl peroxide and clindamycin (a topical antibiotic). Good to know that the CSR could work with differin as well.
  10. I have been using the Eucerin Skin Renewal lotion for several days now. The flakies are gone! I LOVE Jojoba oil, and at this point cannot live without it...however, I agree, that even though I was super moisturized and soft with it, the flakiness did not disappear. I am now using the skin renewal lotion in the morning (since it has sunscreen), and the Jojoba oil at night...this is working perfect for me right now.
  11. Thank you Brandy and wonka, I WAS using too much. I love the lotion now that I am using 1-2 pumps. Its exactly what I was looking for for day use.
  12. NO, no clumping at all because it is a nice gel instead of a white paste.
  13. Okay I bought the Eucerin Skin Renewal lotion because alot of you seem to use it and love it. I put it on my face this morning and my face is still "sticky". Does this happen to anyone else? I feel like I am at the beach and have sunscreen on. I do live in Texas, and it can be humid, but with my other moisturizer I didnt have this. I do need a moisturizer w/spf for day. Previously I used a Biore moisturizer with no spf b/c my makeup had sunscreen, but I just switched foundations. Is it th
  14. I have naturally curly hair and when I wear it curly, because of the products I put in it, I have to wash it daily. When I dry it straight, I try to go a couple days without washing it b/c it is so much time and work. I seem to break out more when I dont wash daily, and I am assuming its because of the oils on my hair. However, I have always had long hair, and the cheeks are my least area of acne and have always been. I would say make sure you wash it every day if you can....pull your hair
  15. Jojoba Oil has been clearing my pores nicely. I have never found anything previously to clear them for more than a few hours at a time. I used to have alot of luck with Queen Helene's Mint Julep facial mask, but like I said, they would reclog the next day.