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  1. After doing a lot of research, I come to the conclusion that it could be pityrosporum folliculitis. I do have oily skin and I am almost certain it's not ance and I have taken allergy pills which did nothing. I still haven't heard from the derm yet but I found out that Nizoral might work. I went to the drug store last night and you do not even need a prescription to buy it! I will try this for a week and give an update. To Lynn: It is itchy not flaky, and it's not painful.
  2. Hello there, I just recently joined and I need help. Roughly 5 weeks ago, I used the clindoxyl cream on my forehead and the side of my face because there was 1 or 2 pimples and i left it on over night. I did this for 2 nights however on the second day, I left the cream on all day. (I usually wash it off the next morning) The third day, I started to notice 3 or 4 tiny bumps. I thought it was nothing and the next day, there was more, and so on. I believe it's the Benzoyl Peroxide, since I may