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    my interest is Life<br />it is up to us to make the decision.
  1. since i made a dumb after post about this. i moved it to here. well well, the visit went fine. she reached in some places that was hmmm let me just say, not smooth. haha it was all cool. but the thing i noticed was, when she was looking at me, i couldnt really look at her eye to eye. i always stared the other way, responding questions. oh boy how this factor as ruined me. but out of the blues, she asked me, if i liked computers and if i was good at it. jeeze maybe she thought was a computer geek
  2. i am not exactly clear right now. i am yet to face the clear side of the world yet. soon i will impact the force it will hit me. i wonder if it will be better and ease down. or will i feel the same. who knows? its too complicated to think. till that day comes.
  3. i stopped playing games. so i would not worsen in the state i am in right now. i think games are useless. It just shows how loser I am. just handing out my point of view. although technology and all are getting up and technical, making it possible for people to get into gaming easily. I don’t know…I made up my mind to stop playing. A little is ok I guess. It used to be like a drug to me. More like addiction. i'm changing things around right now.
  4. Age: 15 Sex: Male School/College: Fresh from Highschool, pretty sad Acne status: moderate. Favorite thing about yourself: how unique i am. muahahaha What would you change about yourself (other than acne): i think i am already trying to change my self. hmmm maybe thinking before i speak, because i make my self look stupid time to time. Favorite movie: jackie chan movies puahaha Favorite book: those summer girls i've never met. What would you most like to be (job frame of mind etc): somekind of m
  5. i have to go somewhere. some kind of medical place to get an physical exam... oh man...i have to be butt naked front of the doctor. maybe only my boxers on. how pity. i'm going to be all embarrassed. ahhhhhhhhhh how will i bare this!? well wish me luck, i'll be leaving the house in an hour.
  6. thanks for your post. wow... nice said. i cant say any more.
  7. jeeze what a shotgun blow. that must of hurt. that ol' granpa...-_- hope you feel better.
  8. theres times when my face gets really red. embarrassing moments. hmmm i dont remember the times.
  9. hmmm i see a clue. i see by your words. theres no normal, hot, ugly people. its all same. as the other have said. you have to stop going strictly on the looks. looks may matter alot, but its really what the inside consists. what i see is. i see stupid people pondering around the streets all the time. be the wise one! with the looks. with the shades can you dig it?