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  1. I would give up wifi, the internet, tv/movies, my phone, ipod, my laptop, anything first world technology based because I am so dependent on that kind of stuff. I think that would be a good enough sacrifice to have clear skin since almost everyone uses those technologies everyday and even the thought of giving up some of those things gives people mini heart attacks lol i mean people cry over broken iphones and bad wifi connection
  2. I teared up a bit poor girl i feel for her I do, I have had my own mom say a couple of times that she was sick looking at my face because of my acne. Shes lucky she found a passion in make up. All makeup has made me feel is to hate my acne even more because i cake it on to hide my zits but in the end my pimples become way more noticeable haha so that is why i only wear eye makeup. I love her cheek bones, eyes and hair! so pretty!
  3. Do you wish there were more people/characters who have acne in tv/movies? and these characters being given normal roles? because a pretty big portion of the population has acne. I also think if this did happen hopefully people wouldn't be judged so harshly on their acne and it would be seen as something that is apart of life. I doubt this would ever happen though since the media is so obsessive over perfect skin.