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  1. I've been on the regimen for about 8 weeks now and I'm seeing decent-ish results (with the occasional pimple every other day or so) but the acne marks from my old acne is still there. I know it's not actual acne because they're flat, small red spots (where the old acne used to be) and have been on my face for at least 5 months or so, is there any way to speed up the healing process or even heal them at all? BP doesn't help since I'm already applying it on them, or does the BP interfere with the
  2. Holy f**k, we just had a pretty big earthquake in SoCal, if anyone cares lol I think I'm gonna start washing my face twice a day with just water now (and not using cleanser at all), I'm still going to moisturize (if I need to). That should lessen the dryness and should therefore lessen the oil production. Even though that's not what the regimen says... but to hell with the regimen lol, all it did was make my skin oilier with little improvement in acne.
  3. Thanks for replying, man, you've done your research lol. I also researched a lot about this (I get obsessed sometimes lol), I heard a lot of mixed opinions/reviews and it seems like different products work for different people, some of the info I read though contradict what you said (like when you said that sebum doesn't actually cause acne). I heard great things about Jojoba oil but do you know if they sell it in stores like Target, Walmart, or any other popular store that I can easily go to? B
  4. Thanks for the advice again, but moisturizers do the same job as jojoba oil (not for me apparently). I'm just afraid that if I don't stop the regimen, my acne will worsen in the next few weeks due to the increase in oil. But if I stop now, then all the stuff I'm putting on my face will stop drying my skin and therefore = less oil. I'm gonna try for a couple more weeks see if there's any change (unlikely lol). And I'm taking a multivitamin which should include most of the stuff you mentioned (and
  5. Yea, I'm thinking of quitting the regimen. After 6 weeks now, My acne is the same (I even get a new one every other day or so) and the only difference I've noticed in my face is a huge increase in the amount of oil/sebum, which not only looks like I have a dirty/greasy face all the time which makes me self-conscious, but it's probably going to worsen my acne since the excess oil being produced now will definitely block the pores which = more acne. Although, I recently heard that taking Vitamin D
  6. I'm on week 6 now of the regimen and my face started get a lot more oily and shiny (I have oily skin but the regimen made it much worse). I used to wash my face twice with a cetaphil cleanser, but now I only wash it once a day with the cleanser and the second time with just water, but I still moisturize twice a day. Can someone please tell me why this is happening? I'm really self-conscious about this face shine and not to mention, it's probably gonna make my acne worse since the excess oil will
  7. I can't wash my face twice daily with a cleanser anymore because my skin would get really dry at first and then really oily in the middle of the day, is it ok to just wash my face only once a day with cleanser and the second time with just water to lessen the dryness? Or would my face be improving less this way? And also, ever since I started the regimen, my skin has been way more oily and shiny in the middle of the day, does anyone know what's causing this? I'm also moisturizing everyday.
  8. If the regimen doesn't work for you: Accutane
  9. lol ok, and we're supposed to take the word of one guy on the internet as opposed to the millions of others (including researchers on this subject) who say otherwise? I can't because that will dry/irritate my skin, and dryness/irritation = more acne (according to Dan)
  10. Speaking from experience, I'm on my 5th week now and the situation doesn't look very bright for me honestly (hopefully it's different for you cuz you have different skin). My face still burns almost every night after I apply BP (only 2.5% btw) which usually subsides after an hour or so. My old acne is slightly improving while every other day or so I'd get a new pimple. I wash my face only once now with a cleanser and the second time with just water cuz my face gets really dry (even though I mois
  11. Ok, but I was also wondering, can I apply the BP AFTER applying the moisturizer (and after cleansing of course)?
  12. Thanks for replying, but I've heard that using some Salicylic acid (0.5% in the moisturizer) in combination with BP usually yields slightly better results especially with a low percentage of BP (I'm using 2.5%). And I just started using the cleanser only once a day, and the washing my face with just water the second time to stop the dryness/irritation, since my face has been dry ever since I started the regimen (even though I apply these 2 moisturizers) which might contribute to the new acne I'm
  13. I've been on the regimen for one month, washing my face twice a day with a cleanser and moisturizing after, and using Epiduo (2.5% BP) once a day, but I'm still getting new acne, why?? It's been a month already and I haven't even noticed my old acne (before I started) getting any better too (maybe slightly), I'm still getting at least 1 new pimple everyday which usually goes away in few days, but more come back. I know people are going to tell me 'just be patient' and 'it will get better', but w
  14. Thank you all for helping, and I do moisturize twice a day with oil-free moisturizers. I guess it was because I was washing my face twice a day with the cleanser and on top of that I would use Benzoyl Peroxide which dries my face out even more. Taking a cooler shower is not an option when it's -15 C to 0 C outside lol, but I can do it in the summer, and I do drink plenty of water, at least three 500 ml water bottles a day. I'll try to wash my face only once a day with the cleanser (and the secon
  15. I'm using Cetaphil oily skin cleanser (http://www.acne.org/cetaphil-oily-skin-cleanser-reviews-1452/) and occasionally Oxy facial cleanser with 2% Salicylic acid and noticed that right after I use either cleanser (especially the Oxy one), some parts of my face would turn really shiny, and I know it's not because of the natural oils on my face (Sebum) because my skin feels really tight and dry after using them (obviously since they remove the oils), then I'd apply moisturizer but the shine is sti