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  1. Weird, Ive had 2 or 3 styes in the past month, too. Not sure why, but I got antibiotic drops from the doctor which helped clear them up quickly. Warm compresses help too (warm washcloth for 10-15 minutes at a time, 3 or 4 times a day helps get blood flowing to fight the infection) Hmm... hope everything else is going well for you, though!
  2. Hows everything going with you? You disappeared, and I had to search for your log (found it on page 7!) Slacker! Well, I hope you are clear and happy with your results. I've been pretty clear for the past 2 months, except for 1 tiny bump on my forehead. Its weird, my skin hasnt been clear for this long since I was like 15 years old! Anyway, I just had to bring you back to pae 1 here. I hope you still keep us posted on the progress!
  3. So how does it feel to be finished? I hope your skin is still clear! The Differin should do the trick, but be careful for the next couple of weeks. Since the Accutane stays in your system for about 30 days the Differin might be a little harsh and drying in the beginning. Hope everything is well for you! Take care!
  4. Im not sure, but thats kinda what I was thinking, too. But see, I have been on 40 mgs twice a day, and I have forgotten to take the 2nd pill quite a few times, so I will have a lot left over. Im not sure what to do with it. Maybe continue on my current dosage until its gone, or slowly lower my dosage every week?
  5. I think the dryness continues no matter what the dose, at least according to my derm. Im not positive though. But its a small price to pay, especially if the last month is all you needed to clear completely!
  6. Mine is about $730 for 30 days of 80 mgs, but I only pay $10 thanks to awsome insurance.
  7. Can you get on Depo-Provera? (the hormone injection once every 3 months) Ive been on it for 5 years, my sex drive is great, and I dont have to remember to take a pill!
  8. Good luck this last month. I think the higher dose will be good. Definitely well worth it. Ive still got a month left, too. But time has been flying... we're almost done! Yay!
  9. I actually asked my derm yesterday about going on a "maintenance course" after my 5 months is over, and she said that is now illegal in the US. 5 months is the maximum time you can take it over here. Sucks. Oh well, I will still have some left over when Im done so Im thinking about taking one every other day or something until they are gone.
  10. Hang in there. Im getting frustrated, too. 5 weeks to go... should have been 4 more weeks but iPledge messed me up last month. And now the inside of my nose is starting to get really dry and it has little scabs inside. Ive been putting Neosporin inside my nose, which feels kinda gross, and the corners of my mouth cracked again so Neosporin there, too. But we're almost done! Yay!
  11. Hey now, dont go accusing us of ditching you! We are still here, just a little busy lately (like you) and havent had time to sit down at the computer. Just popped in to say hi and show some love. And I wouldnt worry too much about the drinking. Ive had a few here and there lately (my little sister just turned 21 a couple of weeks ago, so we had to go out for drinks). I havent had any problems, I just drink plenty of ice water with lemon while Im drinknig alcohol to take the load off my live
  12. Ive been on 80 mgs per day for 4 months now, with one month to go, and I would imagine (or hope) that you weigh more than me, being the manly man that you are. But if Im smaller than you (I am a fairly petite female), why am I on a higher dose? Hmm, nevermind, stupid question. We are not derms. Ill leave that to the doctors to decide...
  13. That is weird. Onyl 4 months is standard? But, dont derms in the UK also prescibe lower doses, as a general rule? I guess it doesnt matter as long as its equally as effective.
  14. Just wanted to add... Im Brazilian, too! (Well, half, like LabGirl) ...most of my moms family lives in Belo Horizonte, and I havent even met a lot of them, unfortunately.
  15. I drink wine occasionally and dont seem to have any problems.