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  1. Maya...thanks for the info. I am a little scared to do needling or subcision. I would probably end up doing the subcision over the needling though b/c I don't know of a place in chicago that offers needling. Does anyone know of anyone in Chicago? Can anyone tell me about subcision? Down time, blah, blah, blah. TIA.
  2. Maya.........I just wanted to yell out a big CONGRATULATIONS / to you for being trained to do the skin needling! You will be so good at it seeing it is something you are going through yourself. I have often thought about going to aesthetics school but don't know b/c I have scars (afraid ya know?)but I would love to help people that have the same problems that I do. It's what makes you passionate about your profession. Congrats again.........I am so happy for you. Whoever your clients will b
  3. Does anyone here have any idea what the best procedure (s) for rolling acne scars are? My scars are pretty shallow but I have a lot of them on my cheeks and my chin. I have had multiple procedures already with some improvement. I have had 2 VLS lasers (for hyperpigmentation), 1 thermage, several glycolic peels and 2 deep microderms. I read somewhere that the only way to get rid of these scars is through subcision to break up the collagen and lift the scar. Anyone have any experience or input
  4. Wow....all of our stories are very much the same. I, (like Maya and a few others) didn't get acne until I was in my late twenties. However, when I got pregnant it turned into full blown cystic acne. Until then, I was (not to seem vain or arrogant) a very attractive person. I got a lot of attention b/c of my looks. It was how I got by every day. When I lost that, I didn't know what to do with myself and I am still trying to cope even though I am a little better now. However, I have days wh
  5. My face is the same way. I was on Retin-a for a year and then switched to Tazorac. My skin is ALWAYS red and flakey. I look red all year round which is not natural for me since I am normally very pale. I too hope that one day my skin will look normal but I doubt it. Hey, BTW, anyone else find that their face gets flushed and hot all the time? Mine does and I was wondering if it was the meds or just my crazy hormones. :oops:
  6. Before I got pregnant with my son, I used benzaclin. It worked great. I never had an initial breakout, I didn't think you would considering it is just BP with an antibiotic. Use it for awhile, it take about 6 weeks to see results. Good Luck!
  7. Fiona...BTY...my Derm wouldn't let me start the Glycolic acid peels until I was out of my first trimester (same thing with dying my hair). Just thought you should know. I can't stress enough to follow your Dr's advice, nothing is as important as the health of your baby.
  8. Fiona...No, I didn't have any redness from the peels. Maybe a little flakey but that was after alot of them! My skin was soooooooooo oily it was hard for my skin to dry out. I ,too, got zits on my forehead when I was preggo and I never got zits there before. But those went away without a single mark. The ones I got everywhere else were the problem. They were huge, painful cysts! If your Dr. doesn't think the peels are a good idea (all Dr's have different ideas on what is safe. I had lots o
  9. Fiona...First off, congrats on your pregnancy. That is great. As far as drugs you can use, you are very limited. I broke out with terrible cysts while pregnant with my son and was told by my ob/gyn that I couldn't use anything! Not even OTC BP or Salicylic acid! Well, then I went to my derm when I was about 12 weeks along, he gave me topical erythromycin....didn't help at all. Well, my face was starting to look non-human and the cysts were painful, so I went to another derm (at 16 weeks) and
  10. Personally, I think the Retin-a I was on a few months ago ( I used it for a year) and the Tazorac that I am currently using, have helped my scars. My face ALWAYS looks worse in the morning if I don't use my Taz the night before. I think that the scars that I have I would have had anyway due to the cystic acne that I had that I know longer have thanks to these two drugs. I know if I didn't use them, I would con't. to scar from the acne, not the drugs. Also, I know a girl who was on Accutane an
  11. Damn! I have watched every episode of Extreme makeover but I must have missed that one. Boy, her skin looks good. But she had to go through alot to get it there. Wonder how they did all that in such a short time. Don't they only have 3 months?
  12. I can only take one!!!!!!!!!!! ](*,) Oh well, it will have to be my Tazorac then. I can always count on it. ( Second would be any kind of Glycolic Acid peel or wash). However, if I am on an island and using Tazorac I will have to use a moisturizer with an spf of at least 25.....so can I bring a couple things?????LOL!!!!
  13. KIm...yes, that is for full face. But that was when it was still not FDA approved for scars and acne, it may have gone up now. My Derm gives me a little break too.
  14. whyme..Did he use a numbing agent you? I am in chicago. Where did you go if you don't mind me asking.
  15. I did Thermage last July. It was not even approved for acne then, but my Dr. heard that it could help with the actual acne. I only had one treatment done. He said it would help shrink the oil glands. Well, I am not really sure if it helped. I am still on Tazorac, and I think if I stopped, I would still break out. Heck, I am still breaking out anyway! ](*,) However, I think you need to have at least two done, that is what I read. Unfortunately, I can't afford another one (the first one was