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  1. Re-cap: taking amnesteem 40mg twice a day = 80mg/day 1. Never got another headache. 2. I do feel and have felt a bit more tired than usual. 3. My lips are not súper dry which I am shocked because 100% of the reviews i have read included major chapped lips. They are def drier than usual but most days I manage to apply it a few times and no Chapness really... 4. My eyes keep feeling dry but eye drops keep helping a lot. 5. I got a stupid breakout on my right jaw/neck line. I swear i ha
  2. I bought the cera ve moisturizer CREAM for normal to dry skin. Works wonders on calming dry skin... And is pretty simple. I hate the cetaphil spf moisturizer :-/
  3. I took 40 mg a day for the first month, at the 1-month mark, my dosage was doubled. I am now taking amnesteem 80mg a day. On Friday night ( after three pills of the new dosage) I got a headache. It was really bad, I went to sleep and did not think much of it. Saturday I spent most of the day with the same headache that got better with ibuprofen and then it would be back. By Sunday night and after many ibuprofen pills, my headache was the worst. It was a throbbing pain, I was sensitive to an
  4. I don't care what doctors say or don't day. Acne is affected by diet. I don't necessarily think that if you eat a a chocolate bar today, you will wake up with two new pimples tomorrow. Although some people are convinced otherwise. And honestly if I had found such a clear and precise connection between what I eat and acne, I would have cut out all those foods. Diet, however, can improve or further damage all and any organ in our bodies. Cardiovascular disease, fatty livers, cholesterol... Etc
  5. If you are thinking about using your clarisonic while on accutane, don't. I usually have very "sturdy" skin that is almost never sensitive from products, sun or "roughness". I had a dry patch on my cheek bone and though i know you have to be extra gentle while on accutane, I figured I'd try the clarisonic so I can get rid of that flaky area. Boy was that stupid!!!! After I used the clarisonic, I rinsed off my face and immediately noticed extreme sensitivity in that area. And that is an
  6. I'm sure you have been told by now but just in case... Remember it is not recommended to over-medicate your liver with isotretinoin and alcohol at the same time...
  7. I have been on it for one month and can absolutely relate to the whole butterfly-psychiatrist thing. I swear I could blot my face every 10 minutes and the oil and grease on my face would just replenish itself like magic. Having makeup that actually STAYS on is amazing!!! And putting thick creams and oils on my face? UNHEARD OF!!!
  8. Today concludes my first month on isotretinoin. I took amnesteem 20 mg twice a day (40 mg per day). My derm doubled the dosage. Now I will do 40 mg twice a day ( 80 mg per day) So far these have been my side effects. Some may or may not be caused by the drug. So, in ONE MONTH: - two or three headaches that have disappeared within minutes of taking ibuprofen (never take Tylenol). - going from super oily skin, to dryer skin which was nice and different. To now, really dry skin but
  9. Worried about a high accutane dosage :-(

    1. Hello everybody! Like many others, I have been coming to this site for a while without actually signing up. I finally decided to spend all of 30 seconds to register. I am a 25 year old female whose weight averages anywhere from 130-135 lbs. the last time I had a completely clear and flawless complexion was probably when I was 10 or perhaps 11. *****IF YOU WANT TO SKIP LIFE STORY AND JUMP STRAIGHT TO ACCUTANE INFO, FIND THE SEPARATION Stars like these ones*********************************