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  1. For lack of originality, youre looking really good! How have you been treating your scars? they look SOOO much better! Way to stick it out. I understnad you not liking people telling you to take Accutane, I was on it about a year ago, and it worked great, but after 3 months i had to get off of it since I was already dealing with depression (due to reasons OTHER than acne) before the accutane and it just got majorly worse. yes, it does work great, but the side effects arent worth it, in my own opinion. but you are looking great now! congrats on sticking it out and not giving into peer pressure. :-D

  2. I agree with the guy above. I dont think you need accutane. It is a risky drug, it works miracles for some people, but it should be the last resort. You look beautiful! I would just keep doing what it is that youre doing now. Keep your chin up hun!

  3. Thanks everyone! The support means A LOT!!!

    About my depression, Ive had it long before i started breaking out. yes my acne may incourage my depresssion, but was not the main cause. I honestly think Ive had depression since I was quite young as I have found old diaries and found entries that Ive written about hating myself and wanting to die around age 8, and I never had much of a reason to be thinking that way. The acne has definantly helped with my low self-esteem, but my depression is more complicated than that. Ive had a gazillion blood tests, MRIs, and once has one of those where they hook up all those cords to your head and watch the needle on a machine when they tell you something and your brain reacts to it(I cant remember what those are called), plus Ive had mucho therapy. But my acne is affecting my depression, just not the main cause. and i know that from looking at old pics of myself when i didnt have ance i was in better shape and looked a lot happier, so it is affecting me more than my skin. But...yeah.

    Thanks again for all the support it means the world to me!!

  4. I was prescribed the Differin, and at one point i was on Accutane, which worked miracles! But it interferred with my already clinical depression, so i had to be taken off of it after 3 months, my skin was pretty clear for a while, but about 6 months later I got it bad again.