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    MY REGIMEN:<br /><br />Meds:<br /><br />*Sulfameth/Trimethoprim 800/160 TABS (generic for Septra DS); Taken ONCE daily<br /><br />Topical:<br /><br />*BP 10% Wash; use once daily.<br /><br />Makeup:<br /><br />Bare Minerals (AMAZING!)<br /><br /><br />THINGS USED IN THE PAST:<br /><br />*tetracycline<br />*doxycycline<br />*accutane (had depression due to things OTHER than acne...depression got worse while on accutane, so my psychiatrist had me taken off of it...my depression got better after was off of accutane, but 6ish months later my acne got worse again. If you want to suggest to me that I take it again, the answer is no. I was suicidal when on accutane, even with my skin clearing up nicely. It is not an option for me.)<br />*Retin-A<br />*Differin<br />*over the counter topicals...clean and clear, clearasil, nuetragena, bioré, nivea...
  1. Sex is way over rated. I may look at it like that being as I was raped as my first and only time, but thats a different story and for a different support site. HOWEVER, I know that there are girls out there who can look past the acne and appearence in general and look deep into who you really are. It may not seem like it, but they are out there. You just need to put yourself out there and introduce yourself to some ladies. If they turn their backs on you, then they're not worth it anywayz. I kno
  2. I REALLY do not agree with this outlook. I know pretty people who are major self-centered stuck up bitches, i know chubby people who are some of the nicest and best people you will EVER meet who will do anything for anyone and can light up a room with a smile despite their weight, I know people with bad teeth who are gorgeous on the inside, i also know some pretty people who are kind, and some chubby people who are bitches. Your looks have NOTHING to do with your personality. If you would try to
  3. Age: 19 years, 71 days, and 8 hours-ish Sex: Is overrated. But if you are referring to my gender...then I would be a she. School/College: Lane Community College...transferring to University of Oregon or another Oregon university Acne status: gross. the derm says its severe, and it keeps coming back. but its healing right now. i think the devil created acne just to spite us. Favorite thing about yourself: thats a toughy. some days i like me, some I dont. i like it when im the happy me and to
  4. So pretty much I failed. I went about 22 hours without picking! Im more aware of it now. I still pick a little. its such an addictive bad habit. ARG!!
  5. If you all can do this, then I guess I can too. This is going to kill me, I just know it! I can barely go without just touching my face! Okay...11:21PM...I can do this, I can do this...it gets soooo itchy though! ARG!!! No touching or picking...I NEED to do this! 48 hours would put me at Wednesday night then? I think. I dont do math. Okay...i can do this!!!
  6. Wow, and I thought my acne was bad. I usually dont get queasy over things like this...but wow. Man, now I dont feel so bad about my own acne. And I thought mine was painful...if mine was as bad as some of those pictures I would not leave my room!
  7. I saw my dermatologist today and he gave me these Accunatural vitamins. its made my Skinutrients. The description of what vitamins are in it is in my signature and my profile. Has anyone heard of this stuff before? Anyone used it? Its new to my dermatologist, but all natural so he said I should give it a shot...at the moment Im willing to try anything.
  8. I havent started the CSR yet, but after patting face dry with a towel, could you use a hiar dryer to help the drying process go faster, if you have it on the cool setting? Or is this just an altogether bad idea?
  9. I used ProActive a few years back and I have super sensitive skin. The proActive burned my skin and made it extremely uncomfortable, and at that point i only had mild acne. However, one of my good guy friends uses it and he loves it. So I guess it just depends on your skin type.
  10. Thanks for the self-esteem boost. (Note the MAJOR sarcasm here) Personally, I dont find looks the most important in a relationship. The personality is what does it for me. If youre too clingy or self-absorbed and a major jerkface then you have no chance no matter what your face or body looks like. But if you have an amazing personality and your face is hideous, I would at least give you a chance. More likely than not, the ones who are not as attractive seem to be the better people. Just my t
  11. OMG! Do I ever! (only its with guys liking me of who I dont like) They just dont get the hints that Im not interested. Sometimes I wish I wouldnt attract creepy guys. And all the guys I seem to like do not like me back. So irritating!
  12. I totally know what you mean! I pick all the time and hate it when I do so, I even tell myself while Im picking that I shouldnt be, but I keep doing so anyways! Just today I started wearing a rubber band on my wrist and everytime I want to pick, I snap it! It sends chills through my body and reminds me to not do it. also keeping your hands busy with something...a worry stone in your pocket, whatever. and I like the idea above of keeping your nails short so it makes it difficult to pick, i think
  13. Pretty much I thought this thread would be encouraging, but after reading it, Ive found quite the opposite to be true. I personally do not wish to hear about your sex life. Nor do I want to share about mine. Unlike what it seems like most of you, and considering where I live there are no parties around for my age, you all have to be 21 and older (im 19 btw) and no guy at my college would ever take a second look at me. So much for looking for encouragement here...
  14. I use Bare Minerals. I love this stuff! It covers pretty well, and its so light, it hardly feels like you are wearing anything and is very skin friendly. They have infomercials, and they also have stores here and there. I was introduced to it from my mom, and she uses it, I use it and my older sister does. They have an entire line of makeup, but I just use their powder foundation. Its a bit on the pricey side, but goes a long way. i would also recommend using their Kabuki brush, also pricey, but