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  1. Hi, how did your accutane course go? I am Indian descent too.

  2. Day 67 - Wow! I haven't updated in ages! Why? Well, I just got back to college, and was busy settling in. I love being back, it gives me a sense of purpose, and I obssess MUCH less about my skin. All right, so about two weeks ago, I visited my derm. She told me to go back on 40 mg (I was on 20 only for about a week).I had a lot of big actives on my face at that time. She extracted the actives, and also a lot of the under the skin clogged pores. My face was RED from all the extraction. It was pre
  3. Day 45 - I've been taking only 20 mg for about 3 days now. The difference? The pimples I'm getting are a lot smaller, but I'm still getting a lot of them. Currrently I have one healing scab from a huge pimple I got last week, about about 6 small actives. Also, my skin'sjust generally looking very irritated. And of course, I still have quite a few under the skin/clogged pores things! All my pimples are coming out of these clogged pores. So as a resuly, I have a lot less clogged pores from when I
  4. Bloodwork's all clear~! Thank god!! Is this the first of many good things to happen to me on this journey? I sure hope so.
  5. Beth - You are doing so well! I'm *almost* jealous. but actually just super happy for you!!!!! Hopefully things will start looking up for me too.. and then we can be clear together~! Yay Can you imagine what life would be like if we didn't have to hide behind makeup? if we could be fearless in bright sunlight? if we had no ZITS~! ? Wow.. I really can't wait!!!!!
  6. Beth - you are such a sweetie~! Thank you so much Day 44 - Wow, my log should really be called "The Super Complicated Accutane Journey!!". So, here's what happened in the past few days. My breakout was just not stopping! Every day, I woke up to at least 2 new big, pustular pimples.. and by Big I meam BIIIGGG... The kind that take at least a week to go, and the kind that leave a slightly raised mark, which takes FOREVER to go down!! I've never had such acne before, and so I was really scared.
  7. Fedup - Thanks so much! Hope your inflammation, and your IB in general subsides soon. I hope we all have clear skin SOON!! Can't wait to start the new year with my new skin (Hopefully).. InLove - Thanks. Helps to know that my situation is not weird.. I just wish the IB had come earlier.. Actually, if I'm wishing, I wish I'd never had an IB!! Hopefully, it'll pass soon. Day 38 - Still breaking out. One of the zits from yesterday completely disappeared this morning. However, another one just H
  8. Thanks Pookie - I can't wait for December!!! And yes.. that is me in my avtar.. thanks for the compliment too Right now I'm just feeling so horrible. I'm breaking out into big,deep pimples. I rarely got these kind of pimples earlier. I hope they don't leave dark marks. Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. I'm so frustrated. Did anyone else break out really bad in Week 5? I broke out a little in Week 1, and after that it was pretty stable.. and now it's a completely new, more intense breakout in Wee
  9. It's Day 37. All I can say is that I'm very, very frustrated. My skin is HORRIBLE. I have about 6 huge active zits on my face, 2 of which I squeezed because I was so upset. I put neosporin on them immediately though.. I hope its not bad. I just HATE this. I hate having to take my pill now, because I know its just agravating my skin. My skin's NEVER been this bad. When will this stop?
  10. Hey Nick!! Just thought I'd drop in and wish you luck! Are you only taking Accutane for 6 weeks? or did u just mean that u're taking 60 mg for 6 weeks and then upping that? Let me know if you have any questions... I'm about 5 weeks in, and would love to help! The first few weeks can be stressful (I had a rough 1st week.. and then a good 4 weeks. However, I'm breaking out again!! ) But oh well.. before we know it, we'll be done with this!!! Take care~!
  11. Day 34 - I have never felt so horrible about my skin in recent times. Honestly, I HATE it.. I was really positive about this whole break out thing till yesterday, but today, when two of the seemingly harmless blackheads ERUPTED.. and by that I mean one HUGE honker, to join the party on my cheek, and another whitehead that looks like it has three heads on my forehead... I just don't know what to do. Current skin situation - Two honkers, one on forehead, one on cheek, about 4 healing scabs, and on
  12. Day 33 - I thought I was just having a few rough days acne-wise, but it's definitely a big breakout. I don't know if this is my initial breakout (considering the first one only lasted for about 3 days), or just nother random breakout. I have about 3 big active whiteheads (the kind that are just crying out to be popped -ugh), and a lot of my clogged pores seem to be coming to a small white head (I think these will just scrape off, and won't really be much of a problem. )The big honkers are worry
  13. Today is Day 32. Thank you Redsoxluva, Pookie and Beth for stopping by. It really helps having friends to help along this journey!! I haven't been in the best health over the past few days. However, I'm pretty SURE this is not Accutane-related. Just a crazy internship with long hours and lack of sleep = complete exhaustion! Oh well, I'm just going to take it super easy the next few days. Acne-wise - I've had a rough few days, but as a result of the purging, my skin looks a lot smoother. I have
  14. Thanks for dropping by my log. Yay you're going to start soon I'm going to be keeping in touch with your progress!! Hopefully, Accutane will do wonders for both of us. Take care and just let Accutane do its thing