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  1. I found that anything medicated would make my skin super sensitive and break out while on accutane. I also found that any heavy moisturiser would clog my pores and still cause breakouts. I used aveeno cleanser, aveeno face moisturiser with SPF, and Vaseline light (gel) aloe Vera body moisturiser.
  2. Yes it's only for moderate acne on my back and shoulders, luckily I only get the odd spot on my face. I contacted my derm about upping my dose from 50mg to 70mg for the last 4mths of my course to reach my cumulative dosage, and she said no and to stick to my 50mg dosage. It seems to be working, but I am still getting a few spots weekly. I am just hopping that I am getting the most out of my treatment, I don't want to be selling myself short, and risk a potential relapse due to not having reach
  3. Highly recommend liver testing through a blood sample. Not sure about the stomach upset, although a lot of people get ib from accutane, there might be someone you can take to combat that. Someone might be along soon to answer that question for you. Make a point of getting a blood test at least every month.
  4. Hi guys, how do you know if you are on the correct dosage of accutane? My derm prescribed me 50mg from the start of my 6mth treatment, I weigh 93kg. The dosage was for moderate acne on my back shoulder area, and just after 2mths I am still getting small breakouts on my back. I'm just worried I might be not getting enough accutane for my weight, any thoughts or advice on this? Thanks for any help
  5. Any other thoughts on my situation guys?
  6. Hi there and thanks for the reply. Where you counts similar to mine? What did you do while on your course, did you stop or keep it running? I was thinking that it might have just been my body getting used to the drug and would have subsided after a couple of week or so, but they have put me off it now for two weeks and reevaluate it after a new blood test. I really didn't want to come off it though as it had cleared my skin completely in that little time of just 6 weeks. If they do start me agai
  7. Hi guys, I am on my 6th week of 50mg daily of accutane. I also unfortunately suffer from arthritis, and I have to take a weekly injection of Methotrexate 15mg to help with the arthritis. I got my blood tested before the accutane treatment and they were fine, but my new results are showing that my AST is 314, and my ALT is 201. They said that it may be the combination of the accutane and the methotrexate that's causing the really high levels. They have opted to cut my methotrexate and continu