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  1. I'm starting to drink water now days, as for energy drinks its hard because i have them before training ...i need it for the energy. I also notice if i have a cappachino i get a pimple ...its so hard lol :/
  2. Hi guys! i've been on 2 courses of accutane and sadly its just came back, i will be going for a third round in 2017 (should be last and hopefully cure) My question is, i have severe body acne .... on my chest, back and shoulders oh and my arms (some dried ones too that will probably not fade). How does one even have sex? i'm too enbarresed, i don't have a gf currently but just in general what would i do? ask her if i can keep my shirt on... cause not all girls will like to see a guy that
  3. Hi Guzzi I've been on ORATANE 3 years ago, it cleared my face but after a few months when i stopped it came back ! It might work for you, it is the generic version however... I went to a dermatologist and suggested ROaccutane, apparently its the real thing compared to Oratane. Make sure you follow up your appointments, they might up or lower your dose. The side efftects are bad but its worth it in the end for many people Also remember your face will get Worst before getting
  4. So here goes my story... I started getting acne when i was around 12 years old, it was off and on and was not too serious when i entered high school it began to get worst. My face , back ,chest and arms looked really bad. I could'nt really live a normal life because i was embarressed to show my back and it was really uncomfortable to sleep. In grade 9 i decided to go see a regular doctor and he gave me some antibiotics which did not help at all, and then i went back to him and he told me