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  1. Whenever I Get a zit I go to the dermatologist and have him zap it
  2. No, not everyone is in the same situation as you :^o Don't use disinfectants like house cleaning products. Don't wash 5 times a day either. You sound like you're very ignorant about your "condition" =;
  3. And who does your post help? I won't listen to you, only the MODs, and they haven't said anything to me so I won't shut up. Bitch #-o =;
  4. They're not in there because their condition is worse than someone else's. They're in there because if they skip a medication they'll go on a killing spree.
  5. What you mean by destroyed? Post pics of your "condition"
  6. Actually, they are in there for a reason, and it's not singing too loud in the choir.
  7. Just take the damn picture!!! They obviously don't give 2 shits about your "condition", you're the one being rude. [-(