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    Music (who doesnt like music?!?), going to the pub, walking in the countryside, reading, dancing (when no ones watching lol), Ice Skating, BSL Sign Language, cooking!! mmm food, laughing and making people smile! and of course...learning new things.
  1. Fuman - I have to come back to Nottingham (7hour train journey) half way through freshers week to see the derm and pick up my next perscription....fun ey? Yeah, I did have an IB before, but not untill week 3 or so. Hope you're well James, Lu x
  2. Heres hoping we both start clearing before freshers week fraser!! Which uni you going to hun? Lu x
  3. Day one (month three - after a month break) 50mg Saw the derm on wednesday and she has given me another months of tane at 50mg a day dosage for a month. Had to do a pregnacy test, and blood tests before I got the prescription. I'll update with how my treatment goes. I hope I don't get the IB all over again! The left side of my face and my forehead is completely clear of any inflamed spots. It's just my right side that has lots of inflamed areas now...
  4. Hey Firegurl, it's always good to hear from you Accutane-Junkie - I like it!! My skin has shown considerable improvement in the last week which is ridiculous considering i'm off tane, and have gone out every night drinking/smoking and eating junk all day and some nights not sleeping at all.... ironic ey? Derm appointment on wednesday... i wonder what will happen. A small part of my mind is scared to go back on tane because I know that i'll break out again when I resume my treatment on a hig
  5. to be honest, i can't remember how i dealt with it. i never remember being that bothered by my acne when i was at school - but i look back at some photos from when i was 15/16 and i actually have mod/severe acne going on. weird really.
  6. Thats awesome. After all, everyone finds different things in people attractive. I remember I while ago myself and another member argued our belief that we actually founf scars SEXY on men. No one believed us. But it's true. Beauty is, and always will be, in the eye of the beholder.
  7. Hey Erni, its great to hear from you again. Yeah, not long now, hopefully. Hope the new upped dosage of tane doesnt give me an IB all over again. That would suck. And I'd be forced to smash my derms face in.... Glad to hear the neosporin is helping out a bit. I'm due to order a new tube soon, so if you need re-stocking let me now and i'll get ya some. Take care darling, Lu x
  8. I used the Simple gentle fashwash and it broke me out really really badly. But I am sensitive to sulfates like SLES and SLS, and these two ingrediants always break me out.
  9. Hey there, good luck with the rest of your treatment! Some people find taking certain suppliments while on tane helps, like vitE etc. Most people have this info in their signatures. What moisturiser are you using? Make sure it is non-comedeogenic. Do you use anything for your lips? If not then its a good idea to get something. Even if it is just vaseline, it will help a lot with the dryness. Good luck! Lucy x
  10. 8 days left....and counting.... If my fucking derm finds some other reason not to give me my next lot of tane I swear on the earth that I'll make it so that woman never sees, smells, hears, or walks again.....I'm not even joking On a happier note - I've been using 2.5% BHA to spot treat this last week and its actually working really quite well. Hurrah!
  11. I reckon I am too forgiving for my own good. My philosophy is, at the end of the day, no matter what someone does to me or how much they hurt me, as long as they show real genuine remorse for their actions, then I will always forgive them. Life is too short to hold grudges, and people make mistakes all the time. I forgave the guy who messed me around for two years and broke my heart on two occassions over those two years. Because of him, my GP was pressing me to take anti-depressants and se
  12. I've spent money on far worse things. So that doesnt really bother me.
  13. all my male friends say i'm low maintenance (but as a compliment, not an insult) I wear make-up and clothes that suit me etc, but i'm as obsessed about it as some girls are. ...It doesnt take me hours to get ready to go out, I don't like clothes shopping or shoe shopping, I don't own a million hair products or perfumes, I don't wear heals, i don't expect guys to pay for me when we got out, etc etc. I like to be practical. All my friends say I'm "one of the guys" and I'm perfectly happy with