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  1. yeah please keep me posted. I really wanna start accutane but don't want to dela with this shit. How low are you starting? And what size increments are you increasin g it.
  2. well problem is foot odor can be easily controlled, acne can not. The unlucky ones are the people with foot odor, bad breath, acne and a dozen other bad things.
  3. Well I have no acne on my face. My backs a different story. If my back gets worse or any part of my body thats covered up, thats ok, just I don't really wanna do this shit again if my face is gonna look like a pepperoni pizza all over again like it did when i was a little kid. Any people not have an initial breakout?
  4. sulfure didn't work. Did you read my whole post, I have tried nearly everything. Anyone wanna answer my post.
  5. Is there any way to prevent the initial breakout that accutane causes. Reason is I have very mild acne on my face, like for instance I am clear right now, but I have bad cystic acne on my back. I do not want to take accutane and then get 20 new zits on my face, and feel like a little kid again. Its bad enough having 1 or 2 zits when you 21 years old and having people stare at you. I am on 12g of b5 right now, but it just doesn;t seem to do anythign for my back acne or else I wouldn;t even be thi
  6. How can you advocate an oil being less greasy? Its oil for god sakes. Its pure grease. Also from my personal expereince emu oil and jojojoba oil gives like really bad acne.
  7. well angelo ever person is 100% fucking different, thats why. My theory is its not fatty foods and its actually has nothing to do with the actually food. I feel its monosaccharides like fruits, sugars, and other simple carbs which cause insulin to be released at a much higher rate which then somehow causes excessive sebum production. People have been saying chocolate causes them acne but I feel its the sugar in the chocolate cauing the problems. This is the cae with me personally. I mean some
  8. pantithine and panothenic acid are the exact same thing mg. for mg.
  9. spread the b5 dose out in 5 dose. Also you may need more b5. Watch out for moisturizer if you have oily skin as is.
  10. jojoba oil and emu broke me out real bad. Same with tea tree oil soap. I don't think this shit works for everyone.
  11. frozenblizt your are very incorrect. i have had these blackheads in my nose for 10 years and I squeeze them out daily, and within 24 hours they return. They do not go away. Maybe when you in your 40's.
  12. It is safe to take. Milk thistle protects you liver from liver damage which can occur from raised liver enzymens that accutane causes. If your no taking milk thistle while on accutane you are a fool. Theres lots of studies on milk thistle. My father is a doctor and assured me it was safe.
  13. Minocycline stops working after a while (6 months usually, sometimes more.) Minocycline has a half life of about 18 hours which means about 2 days after you stop taking it and its no longer in your body, the acne will probbaly return, and it may seem to come back worse.
  14. Has anybody had treatments with the SpectraClear (intensed pulsed light system)? I did a search but found nothing on the matter. I am curious as to whether this really give 90% clearance in 8 treatments 10 minutes treatments over a 4 week period? Does this apply to cycstic acne as well? Also it says its virually painless and I wanna know if this is true? The same thing has been said about Laser hair removelal and its entirely untrue. Laser was the most painful thing I ever expereinced even with
  15. I have been taking panothenic acid 5g and 1g of pantithine, along with minocin, and tazorac. My acne on my face, which wasn't bad is better, but not gone altogether. My acne on my back is a lot worse but this I believe is from the tazorac. I have come to the conclusion that there is not difference between pantithine and panothenic acid mg vs mg. If you are taking only 900mg of pantithine as opposed to 5-10g, of panothenic acid your are not fooling your skin. I don't know who made the false cl