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  1. Hello Girlathome! I think you're a little crazy. Acne makes us all go crazy, It's just crazy all in all. What I can suggest you to do, is to maybe do some stuff at home to take your mind away from those negative thoughts! What I do, is that I dance in my room to soothing music, read awesome books, or just sit down and meditate. IT IS REALLY PEACEFUL! I am a figure skater too, so I like watching figure skating videos and practicing my jumps/ stretching in my room! You can try http://www.ca
  2. Hello, I am Singaporean too! You can try going to Ramakrishnan Mission at Bartley. I visited the homeopath there.
  3. Hello, Thank you both for your reply. I squeezed an annoying pimple I had after a week, and now it came back with a huge huge cyst. Urgh, it's really killing me. I don't know what's wrong with me. Accutane still gave me cysts. and even now with the homeopathic treatment. I have been feeling so depressed and even suicidal for the past 3 months. WHenever one cyst heals in 2 weeks, another two pops out. I never had any time at all, without being cyst-free. :'( I've been using ice, hot
  4. Hello, I have been prescribed Sulphur and Thuja for my severe acne cysts. I have been taking 10mg Oratane for 3 months and I did not see much improvements. Was wondering if homeopathy would work? I saw one 10 days ago. And have been taking it since. I need some help here guys. I don't know if I can continue Accutane while on the homeopathic medicine? The homeopath recommended not to, though. And can I still use BP 2.5% for my major cyst?
  5. Hi everyone! You know, I would honestly say that I love each and everyone one of you, for just sharing all these common problems so that I feel like I'm finally not the only 19 year old boy around who faces huge cystic acne. If only we could have a place/house to gather and all of us can be make-up free (Yes, I use BB cream cos I feel so insecure.) Maybe we can just all stay together for like 3 months and NOT USE ANY STUPID MEDICATIONS AND CHEMICALS, and maybe all get clear skin at the e
  6. Hello, I understand how it feels, because I am also in the same situation as you. I have also been feeling very depressed lately. I get those huge ass cystic pimples one after another and they just dont seem to disappear. But no matter what happens, please do not harm yourself. There's always an end to all things, good and bad. If you think acne seems to stay forever, one thing that I always remind myself of, is that the rest of my body are in perfect condition! Also, I noticed that when I
  7. Hello OneProudMumma, There's one thing that my homeopath told me while I went to visit her. I was put on antibiotics for a while too, because of resistant bumps and acne. What she told me, was to make sure to take probiotics during the whole course of the antibiotics. It helps to keep the good bacteria in the digestive system, and this can contribute to faster healing and a stronger immune system too! It's really simple, just make sure he gets Vitagen/Yakult or some form of natural yogur
  8. Hi guys, This is my first post ever on this forum. I have never used this before, so please help me. I am a 19 year old chinese boy. Have been having just the rare pimple appearing since 16-19. But about 5 months ago. I started noticing that I looked to have swollen lymph nodes around my neck area. Also, I noticed some skin coloured lumps appearing near/below my ear, and around my jaw line. I still have the occasional pimple and huge zit. So I used BP and SA on both of them, including th
  9. I'm not sure what this is. I have some small lumps like you as well on my neck. It would be wise to check with a doctor. It may be lymph nodes or toxins that your system is trying to get out.