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  1. I took Oratane similar to Accutane i don't know if it helped me but the side effect was there .. 2 and a half year later my lips is still always dry ever since i took oratane
  2. I took oratane/accutance 2 years ago . Experience for me was that pretty dry lips , dry skin (its bad real bad ) even though i took quite a low dosage 20mg for 6 months . First two month my acne flared up due to oratane and the next 4 month it eventually gotten better and acne stopped appearing though there was quite alot of scars . Currently my skin is alooootttt better than in the past and now im just dealing with new acne marks . and accutance/oratane made my active acne and marks go away so
  3. I was here on January 1 ? which when my face was at its worst ... god it was depressing like hell i did not even dare to look at people faces ... im kinda glad my friends did not mention it most of the time ... i was really kinda depress ... it got even worst when school started . My parent took me to a derm , the 1st month sucks ... antibiotics doesn't work crap and it make it worst so the doctor told me to get accutance 10mg per day ? i thought it was too little as i went to this website and e
  4. Had some scars .. not that obvious when 3 foot away ? or something . but close to the mirror ... exactly a few cm ... my scars look like crap
  5. I am currently taking accutance at 10mg per day and use clindoyxl gel for 3 months now and my doctor suggest to me that i use skinorean cream to get rid of the acne marks and scar but im not sure if it works for acne anot so i tried putting around my face and its been 1 week and its getting worst such as my forehead which has no bumps have big one not that obvious but my pimples are not going away but using clindoyxl is helping . So which one should i use ......It actually gotten better till i u
  6. thanks for your advice squid31 , yeah true social life is so bad due to bad acne . Yeah i rarely eat diary products and sugars , im just drinking a lot of water everyday . thanks anyway i hope my accutance would helped me better though or maybe it would start working next month or something .
  7. I just started to have severe acne last year december during the holidays ... it was really bad until i lasted to february and went to the derm so i took antibiotics for a month and it made all my acne worst............ so the derm decided to give me accutance 10mg a day ? i think its quite little compared to others who gets over 30 or 40 mg ? im 59kg . So now its around mine 4-5 month and it feels like it just got worst .... when i just started accutance it has initial breakout and now i got mo
  8. How to get rid of my acne marks the color of it is really making people think i still have acne .... Please is there any solution to make it lighter at least ? derm say after 5 weeks he would prescribe me cream but now i really need some solution to make it better at least abit ? solution please
  9. Well im on my 110 day? or something around there i dun really keep track . but active acne are no more for me but u know lots of acne marks which is annoying and 1 cyst on my left cheeks derm said that if i have no more cysts for next appointment he would go prescribe me cream for my acne marks . im taking 10 mg a day . I hate the acne marks ... its just make me look horrible up close .... how about you .
  10. Well I thought it was futile to say it every day . o.o Well this is my 3rd month taking Day 101? i guess im at 101 day . My cyst are so much smaller after a cortisone shot and of course i will say forehead is completely clear .. except obviously acne mark and 1-2 scar .... and my cheek acne are not so obvious compared to a few months ago and still lots of acne marks ... my left temple of my face has acne filled with a lot of blood and still slowly going away and on the right side yep its clea
  11. I have been visiting the derm since feb and started accutance on march ever since i started on Oratane , i drank around 6 litres of water everyday almost i think ? and been eating Lots of veggies like almost 4 days a week ? Im not sure if 10mg of oratane would help me in 2 months . But i definitely know that drinking water and lots of them would help . 2 months ago i will be really sad when i look at the mirror but now erm im pretty fine with it . no one is making fun of me anymore , I dun think
  12. Day 23 No changes so far . well i have cystic on both my cheeks and my acne on my chin dried up
  13. Day 21 Worst of all =.= just when school started 4 red bumps appear at my cheeks =.= and another 2 on my chin ..... so depressing . Well when i was playing game on my phone one of my friend say u have pimples and u still play games ? .....
  14. Week 4 day 20 My forehead is finally clear the bumps on my forehead is gone like finally after 1-2 months .. The bumps on my cheeks isn't ready to be pop or showing signs of going away . Just touching them hurts . Finally have another side effect , nosebleed in the middle of the night well not much of a issue
  15. Erm, i have these bumps on my face that is darker than my skin colour ? Please dun say its pimple or havent ready to be pop because its on my face for nearly 2-3 months or even longer most of them are on my cheek . If i ever force them to pop it hurts like hell and blood comes out instead of the pus . Theres no hole to be pop too .... does accutance help this ? or what ... i only got this bumps making my cheeks looks like crap while my forehead has already been cured